Wednesday, May 1, 2013

new to blogger.

So I have been meaning to start up a blog of some sorts but I never did until recently.  I started just a photo dump on tumblr, but then started up a sewing blog on Wordpress. Wordpress was nice, but I needed to pay $30 to customize my I finally think I will switch over to Blogger.

I hope this goes well, I guess I'll continue posting my sewing extravaganzas, though I hate how I'm leaving behind some of my posts.  Time to start anew I guess.  lol

This is me~  Nice to meet you.


  1. Hi~
    Welcome to Blogger!! (Though I'm also new myself haha) I'm a friend of Rai (if you know her??) and your friend on FaceBook, so that's how I found you. You're super pretty~ Keep posting <3

    1. Ahh thanks so much for the welcome! I'm trying to get used to here too. XDD
      Rai, I think I've seen her name before >< Not sure.
      And thanks for following, it means a lot. ;A; Thank you.


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