Sunday, May 26, 2013

day at the mall.

I went to the mall after working full time for over two weeks.  It was sooo relieving; it was nice to take a break.  I had bought some red velvet leggings earlier, but I had no idea what I could match with it, so I went on a hunt trying to find some new clothes that could match it.  It only took me one try to figure out what would look good with it.  I ended up buying a grey cowl necked shirt and a black cardigan.
Lol please excuse the cat face.
It's simple but I thought it looked good.  This was what I was wearing to the mall for the day!
What I wore:
Gradation Skin Wave Extension - Gabalnara
Tailored Long Vest - h.Naoto Frill
Stripe Ruffle Skirt - h.Jelly/h.Naoto
Classic Gold Velvet Wine-red Leggings  -
Creepers - Yosuke U.S.A.

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