Thursday, May 9, 2013

exam day.

Best day ever: So I go into my history exam with only material I learned in the past 3 hours, and some guy sits next to me probably thinking I'm going to ace it. Well, I didn't ace it, but I did pretty well since it was similar to what I studied for. But get this, he was copying off my paper, since I noticed he wouldn't bubble anything in until I did. SOOOO I circled the wrong answers on my test, and bubbled in the right answers on my scantron. When I finished the test, I took a glance at one of the answers on his scantron that I just finished. He totally had the wrong answer LMFAO I'm going to screw you over so hard person next to me.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAH! Omg Shin! Thats hilarous.

    I hate copy cats. I mean if you studied for your test and worked hard on it; people shouldn't just take advantage of that..

    Update us on his reaction when he gets his grade. This is too awesome and funny! Love your blog now xDD

    1. If only I knew him, then I'd ask XD
      But I just received an email from my professor saying that a few people did pretty bad on the test...I'll just assume it was him. LOL


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