Monday, May 20, 2013

new phone.

Ahh my boyfriend's family was nice enough to supply me with a smartphone paid for and everything!!! >3<  Thank you so much.  They can even do that when my parents won't even buy it for me for a birthday gift.  =.=  I'm new to smartphones so I'm confused on how to use some things.  lol I've used a friend's iPhone before, but I have a DroidX so it's different.  The widgets still kind of mess me up, but I'm getting used to it!


  1. your bf family is so kindly . i'm so jelly >,<
    your parents is same with my parents,, never give me presents when my birthday and when i win competition or what, >,<
    if i wanted buy new phone, they ask me choose old type phone, not smart phone,, haiz >,<

    btw, help me vote if you have times shin >,<

    1. Ahhh that sucks! >< Yea, mine doesn't buy me much.

      And of course~


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