Friday, May 31, 2013

[review] the face shop - smart capsule cc cream.

やった!! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ  My CC Cream I bought finally arrived~  It's from The Face Shop and I bought it on Ebay for like $24, I think.  Along with the CC Cream, I got two small samples with it.  I was long awaiting to try out the product since my friend told me that it's supposed to have less coverage and have skincare benefits.  I already have pretty clear skin, so I thought that something like this would work out nicely for me versus BB Cream which is similar to a foundation and concealer mixed together.
There were so many different choices to choose from it actually took me weeks before I decided on a brand of CC Cream I wanted to try.  I was stuck between Hera's and The Face Shop's CC Cream; in the end I decided on the cheaper of the two.  But then another decision was thrown at me, did I want to buy The Face Shop's Face It Aura CC Cream or the Smart Capsule CC Cream.  I was doing research comparing the two:
  • Aura CC Cream
    Two color choices, the cream itself is a beige color, 20 mL, SPF 30, and pricier of the two
  • Smart Capsule CC Cream
    One color choice, the cream itself is a white color, 30 mL, SPF 40, and cheaper of the two
Honestly, I didn't even know which one to pick after comparing the two so finally I just asked a friend and she recommended me to get the Smart Capsule CC Cream.
This cream claims to have anti-wrinkle care, whitening, and sun protection properties.  By only having one color for this cream, the cream is supposed to be match most skin tone colors.
This CC Cream has a very interesting pump system.  The cream is inside an air tight container to prevent it from oxidizing.  I had to pump it a few times before the cream started sputtering and came out.
I originally had a swatch test on my hand, but I took a picture and for some reason I couldn't tell a difference so I left it out.  Instead I covered half of my face with the CC Cream.  [I look like I haven't slept in a]  Can you tell the differences?
I applied the CC Cream to the right side of my face.  You can tell that my face looks considerably paler and brighter, and you can almost barely see my dark circles now.
Close up shot of the texture on my face.

Everything was so far so good?  Until I applied it on my whole face.  I look like a ghost.  There was this white cast on my face and sadly the cream didn't really blend very well into my skin.  Maybe it was because I hadn't exfoliated yet so I had a few dry patches here and there.  Here I thought it would be a lighter coverage, but this makes me paler than my Missha BB Cream I have.  (・_・ヾ
 It's supposed to eventually oxidize and blend in with my skin tone.  So I let it sit for a while and finally it blended into my skin.  I went ahead and did some simple makeup just to see how it would look, and wow it makes my face really flawless.  It was so flawless it was unnatural and scary at the same time.  My sister walked in and said that I looked like I just jumped out of a Final Fantasy game.  lol  This would be really great for cosplay and my white wig I own.  My BB Cream couldn't make me pale enough to where I wouldn't look orange wearing my light colored wigs.  Maybe this CC Cream will do the trick!


  1. This really does give you such a smooth and flawless finish! I actually want to try this out after seeing your post on it!

  2. Ohh I like this but i'm too dark! T_T

    1. Oh noes! :< I wonder if there are darker shades in different brands like BB Cream. ;0

    2. i have tried the Tony Moly, Etude House, Holika Holika and the Face Shop Aura CC cream, in my opinion, for darker skin, Holika Holika is a good choice, it come with 2 color option, just choose the shade 2 and you will be fine. ^_^

    3. So many different CC Creams, I need to try them all. XD

  3. Coool! You looook soooooooooooo pretty~~~ :D

  4. Omg, the picture with your skin up close looks flawless. I AM SO JEALOUS!! I wish I had your skin asfdhsdgi.

    1. Ahhh no don't be! It comes with dry skin so lots of moisturizer to be bought! lol

  5. great review of you, thank you so mich. I'm about to buy this CC cream :X
    And you skin is flawless, I'm so jeajous TT^TT
    But I have a question, this CC cream comes in with 2 names: Aura and Smart Capsule, both of them have no.1 and no.2. Can you tell me which shade I should chose ?
    I'm Asian but more like a pink undertone (NW-NC15 at MAC)

    1. Ahh thank you ><
      Well I bought the Smart Capsule since my friend told me that it would be able to blend in to different skintones, but it turned out a bit paler than my actual skintone.
      I don't own the Aura one, but I have heard most Asian reviewers say that they go with no. 2 because it's closest to their natural skintone. If you are very fair, I would go with no.1 but if not I would just go with no. 2. Based on looking at the MAC prooduct, you might could try no.1. I haven't tried it before or seen the swatches myself so don't take my word for it since I don't know your skintone. I hope this helps. ><


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