Wednesday, May 8, 2013

[sponsored review] beuberry - cherry pink.

So it's time for the second review of the four!  I chose these pair because I've only owned one pair of pink lenses before versus x23423 blue and reds.  The one pair of pinks I did own were really unnatural looking so I couldn't do much with it.  Well, if I was trying to scare people, I did a great job.  Everyone told me I looked like I had pink eye [no pun intended].  So when I was looking around iszocirclelens's website, I found a good selection of pinks.  There were actually two I wanted to try, but I went with this one since it look more vibrant.  Once again, I thank them for sponsoring me with these lenses to review!

Brand: Beuberry
Series: Cherry
B.C.: 8.6 mm
DIA: 16 mm
Water Content: 55%
Color: Pink

And like always, we start off with the picture of the vial!  Very cute bottle I think.  I was a bit concerned about one of the bottles though, it looked like it had been tampered with, but nothing was wrong so all good.
The side view of the lenses
An upshot of it
While waiting for them to soak in the solution.  As you noticed the color s on the front and back are different, so I wonder if the color was printed on the outside??  ;o  Will the lenses bleed color?!?!  I hope not.  I tried rubbing it, and nothing happened.
Collection of my eyes in different settings.
A few seconds long video of how they look in real time.
[Please view in 1080p HD]
I decided to get a little crazy with makeup today.  Was trying out a new cosplay makeup technique for making ones eyes look bigger.  I drew on fake double eyelids and used overly long eyelashes.  It worked like a charm.  lmfao

What I think about the lenses?
I love these lenses!!  OuO  The design is really interesting, but it would work so well for cosplay.  Though I admit, if you wore these by themselves, it would look too overpowering.  They are pretty opaque so it would look odd.
Comfort: 3/5
Too bad since its so opaque, not as much air is able to reach my eyes.  I was feeling dryness in my eyes, but it wasn't irritating.  I would probably be able to go about 6 hours with these on before I started feeling irritations.
Enlargement: 4/5
These lenses are huge.  lol  It might be because of my makeup as well, but they make my eyes look really big.  Since it has that bold ring, it looks a bit unnatural, but it does enlarge.
Color: 5/5
Opaque, pink, lots of pink, shows up, what more can I say.  This is great for color lenses!  It has a few sections where my original eyecolor could show through, but with that said its still very vibrant.  Unnatural, but would look amazing with makeup.


  1. uwaaaaa shin .. your eyes >,<
    the lens looks so great on u >,<
    i have done review beuberry lens 1
    but in green color ...

    1. Thank you >3<
      Ohhhh were they the same type of lenses?

    2. Not same shin (*>.<*).. mine is beubery chariot. I thnk its great for cosplay ♡

    3. Ohh I just saw a picture of them, they're really pretty!! @>@

  2. Shin-Sempai :3 these look great ad pretty on u :3 i have a problem i have #16 and #8 dollywink lashes but im having problems putting them on properly and finding the right make up look for it > . < May i request a Make up look for it? im doing a CC cosplay for Anime North PLez help sempai <3 :3

    1. Thank you~ You should try and experiment! I'll try to post a makeup look for it, but no guarantees since I work a full time job right now ><

    2. thanks so much semapi <3 i will try this with the dollywink lashes >3< so u also used white eyeliner right (pencil)

    3. I actually don't use white eyeliner. It's too harsh and too bold. So I use a nude colored eyeliner instead. One that's lighter than my actual skintone.

  3. Wow that's very very vibrant. Very gorgeous xx

    please visit :):)


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