Wednesday, July 3, 2013

[review] koji - spring heart natural standard #5.

Recently, my mother went back to Taiwan and asked if I wanted her to bring anything back and I said yes.  Usually, most people would go on makeup hauls there so I wanted some too.  But sadly what I asked for wasn't in stock anymore so she got me something else instead.  She bought Koji's cheaper brand of eyelashes.  I think it's like around $4.00.  But I decided, well I have them already, might as well do a review on them.

The packaging looks like this, and I got the #5 eyelashes the standard natural.
This is the back of the packaging.  Orginally, it was in Japanese but since it was bought in Taiwan, they had a Chinese label.  It lists out the ingredients in English which I thought was useful.
And this is what it looks like on my eyes.  Yea, my uneven double lids doesn't make this easy.  lol  It looks so much longer on the eye on the right.  Dx
They're very natural looking, you can barely notice them, especially if you put on heavier eyeliner, they would be barely noticeable.  So make sure to wear thin eyeliner with these eyelashes.  Also, if I had to describe them with one word, it would be "flimsy".  They're very soft and bend to any shape which I liked since my eyeshape is a bit weird and most eyelashes don't like to stick on properly.  It was easy to mold the eyelashes  to the shape of my eyelids without any problem, but it was just flimsy.  XD  Overall, they're nice for a natural look, but it's not for me.  I like dramatic, especially for cosplay, so this would be nice to wear for a casual occasion, but most the time I don't bother with makeup on casual occasions...
Also, I really need a haircut soon.


  1. How pretty! I love your lenses in this one. Thanks so much for the review <3

    1. Thanks so much~ I really like the lenses as well. One of my favorites.


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