Saturday, July 20, 2013

sewing after hiatus.

I haven't sewn anything in such a long time!  The last thing I made was a red corset for a school project.  It turned out okay and despite me telling the teacher that I think the corset was too small, she said it was fine.  In result, the corset was too small, so now it just sits on my dress form.  What a waste, it was a pretty corset.  Well anyways, I haven't cosplayed since February and I haven't made any new cosplays or clothes since...last summer!  That is the longest I've gone without making something.  School got busy and I never really did have time to sit down and sew anything.
Since it's summer now, I have the chance to sew.  I had to wait until I finished my full time job though, and now I'm done~  Yatta!  \o/  I will start posting WIP photos of what I am sewing.  I won't reveal what it is until the very end though!  So stay tuned~
Day 1:  I've drafted out the pattern and started fitting it on the dress form.
Day 2:  I fitted the pattern, cut it out and started on my mock up.
What will I achieve on Day 3?!?!?

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