Friday, July 12, 2013

[sponsored review] fynale classic - sakura red.

Wow I'm so behind on reviewing lenses.  I tried doing at least one pair during my break but I was having too much fun to actually attempt to camwhore.  lol  Today I'm reviewing Fynale Classic - Sakura red sponsored by Fynale Cosmetics Lens.  I want to thank them for taking the time to sponsor me.  I also made a video review this time!  -gasp-  I don't know if I'll post it but we will see.  I haven't made one in a while so I was like, hmm, why not try to make one again! See how that goes this time.  If you are interested in purchasing these lenses, I would do so soon.  Fynale releases a set of lenses every so many months and once it has been sold out, they don't release anymore. They will work on a set of new lenses to release the next time.

Brand: Fynale Classic
Series: Sakura
B.C.: 8.6 mm
DIA: 14.5 mm
Water Content: 55%
Color: Red
$12.59 one pair
$11.34 two pairs
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This is what their vials look like.
Since their vials all look the same, I also took a picture of the top.
The side view of the lenses.  The liquid obstructs the view a little bit.
This time I held them up to the window.
And of course the lenses in solution.
I'm not really sure why the one with and without flash look so similar.  But yea, the comparison of the lenses in different settings.
A few seconds long video of the lenses.
[Please view in 1080p HD]

And the FOUR photos just for today.  lol  I was soo happy when I found this wig~  Lost it for about 6 months.  lol  Tried a gyaru look today.  Haven't done it in such a long time.

What I think about the lenses?
They were exactly what I would hope for.  I've always wanted to try the Sakura series for a long time.  I wanted to try the brown, but Fynale told me that they were releasing several red lenses and this was one of them.  I was so excited to try them out and they offered to sponsor.  Well these lenses are great for a dolly, innocent look.  Definitely go well with my outfit today.
Comfort: 5/5
They were very comfortable.  I wore them for over 8 hours with no problems at all.  They didn't dry out or irritate my eyes either.  No problems of stinging while putting them on.  I even took them out for like 5 seconds and put them back in with ease.
Enlargement: 5/5
They enlarge my eyes because of the thick limbal ring.  Though it's artificial looking it still gives a cute look.  They look like 14.5 mm or maybe even 15.0 mm lenses.
Color: 5/5
It's vibrant, no doubt.  The lenses are two solid colors: red and black.  It looks red from afar and shows up really nicely in natural lighting.


  1. Shin..... you are so pwetty ♥ and your dress so kawaii... i wanna go to your home and try ur wig xD.. if clothes i thnk not fit wit me.. hoho i have same lens too in brown color.. gonna try this lens in pink color(*>.<*)♥♥

    1. Haha thank you and I love that dress too, but I just don't know where to wear it. XD Yeaa I have soo many wigs~ I still want to try the brown ones!

    2. let's come to here XD .. AFA is coming ,, so you can cosplaying as lolita girl .. hohoho

    3. Ahh I wish I could, but I'm so far away!!


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