Monday, September 30, 2013

meeting hasegawa san and misako aoki.

So I recently just got back from Anime Weekend Atlanta and I was so pumped for it!  I will have a longer post about this later, but I'll just talk about a small part of it.  So I had to motives this year, meet ZUN, Touhou creator, and Hasegawa-san, designer or Putumayo.  Sadly I didn't get to see ZUN AT ALL due to some complications that I'll go into details later, but I did get to meet Hasegawa-san AND also model Misako Aoki.  I was soo happy being at the booth just looking at the clothes.  XD  I settled on two items, one from Putumayo and one from Angelic Pretty.  I also went to an autograph session with the two and I got photos take with them and I also got a Polaroid with Misako Aoki.  She even decorated it and signed it~  >3<
What I noticed that was unusual was that one of the assistants picked up a personal phone and snapped a photo of me before they took the Polaroid.  I was like hmm, I wonder what that was for.  And today I found out that my photo was posted on Misako Aoki's Ameblo blog!!  >3<  I was sooo excited, omg, I can't believe it!  XD  She thought my Putumayo coordinate was cute!

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