Monday, September 23, 2013

[sponsored review] secret star girl - tempting lash ss.5.

I recently saw that KPOP2 started stocking some eyelashes.  They were Korean brand eyelashes which I honestly have never seen before.  Most people use Japanese brands such as Diamond Lash, Eyemazing, and Koji Dolly Wink.  If not, just cheap off brands available really anywhere, on ebay, wholesale stores, etc.  But one think I have never seen or heard of before were Korean brands for eyelashes.  I'm pretty sure they are out there, but just not as well known probably.  Well to my surprise, KPOP2 offered to sponsor me a pair, so I accepted.  I was really interested in trying them.  So thank you to them for this chance.  I also watched the advertisement for this brand and I have to say I thought it was cute.  XD
There are three types of eyelashes:  Secret Star Girl K-Style, S-Style, and 5 Pair Packs  I was offered to try either the K-Style or S-Style.  The package included two pairs of false eyelashes and two small tubes of glue.
  • K-Style:
    Looks more natural and not as dramatic, with the exception of like one or two.  It also has some lower lashes options.  Only five to choose from.
  • S-Style:
    Looks more dolly like.  Some of the eyelashes resembled my Diamond Lash eyelashes and Dolly Wink eyelashes.  Many different styles to choose from.
I decided to choose one of the S-Styles.  The Tempting Lash really caught my eye so I wanted to give that one a try~  They are only $8.99 which is a pretty good price in my opinion~  Here is the link for the lashes!

KPOP2 was nice enough to throw in a The Face Shop Aloe face mask freebie along with the eyelashes~  ;D  Can't wait to try it out!  >3<
Here's the front of the eyelash packaging.  LOL  It does what it says, tempting lash.
Back of the packaging.
Okay, so on to applying them.  I used the glue that they supplied with the eyelashes, but I tried them twice and the glue didn't stick.  So I suggest you to have your own eyelash glue handy.  I used my favorite, Darkness Eyelash/Eyelid Adhesive to attach these on my eyes.  So yea, throwing away those tubes of glue.
These really remind me of my Diamond Lash Dolly Eye eyelashes.  XD  Design is similar, but there are differences.  These look more natural and blend in more with my original eyelashes I think.  Do like~ \o/  I wonder what they would look like if I doubled them up!

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