Sunday, December 1, 2013

[review] sephora collection - n° 37 prom queen.

I recently just celebrated my birthday on November 24~  ;DD  I also had a gift card to Sephora so I decided to go redeem my free birthday gift and buy some new makeup.  About a month ago, I bought a eyeshadow palette, but the colors on it were really bad.  They weren't vibrant at all, so told myself I needed some new ones.  Bleh, what a waste of money.  I went browsing in the store for eyeshadow and I fell in love with the N° 37 Prom Queen shade.  It's a pink matte eyeshadow and while I was browsing the store online, I found that they were sold out.  I was lucky that I purchased the last one in store as well.  XD  I bought two eyeshadows and they had a promotion for a free palette case if you buy 2-3 eyeshadows.

I already took it out the plastic, was too excited.
And here's what it looks like on the inside.  [I already used a bit of it, that's what the dark spots are]
And this is the swatch test.  LOL my hairy arms DX

Overall, I really liked this.  You could layer the color on and it gave such a nice pink color.  ;A;  I want to try all the other colors now.  And it wasn't that expensive either.  Only $13 which is decent in my opinion.

It looks like I didn't put a lot of eyeshadow on my eyes on camera, but it was a lot in real life.
And happy early Christmas?  lol  Not really, I just felt like wearing the hat.

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