Sunday, January 12, 2014

angelic pretty lucky pack 2014.

I promised someone that I would do a review on all the fukubukuro [lucky packs] that I managed to purchase during New Years from Japan.  It consisted of me hyperventilating and refreshing pages to contacting six different shopping agents.  It was hectic.  lol  Anyways, I wanted to buy more, but I only had so much money to spend and I was late to some lucky packs.  This is my first year buying lucky packs, as I recently just found out about them.  I managed to get a Putumayo fukubukuro and an Angelic Pretty fukubukuro.

They offered four different sets including a mystery pack that would be revealed later.
The mystery lucky packs were their Fancy Paper Dolls Set and their newly released Wonder Queen Set.

I currently have my AP Candy Sprinkle Salopette Set since my friend in Japan hasn't sent me the Putumayo one yet.  So, when I found out about it, I was like "ohh this is pretty, and such a nice deal!", then somehow I ended up really liking the JSK and salopette set in lavender.  But by the time I decided that I wanted to get it, they were all sold out on the Japanese website.  The only other way was to buy it in stores during New Years, so I contacted several agents seeing if anyone could help me buy it.  They were all either busy or charging me like $100+ just to stand in line for one.  Then I found a friend that happened to live in Japan and was going to buy one as well [turns out she didn't buy it, but something else, but I was so happy she was willing to help].  I had like a Plan A, B, C, & D, it was pretty hilarious and nerve wrecking.  I managed to grab one from the Angelic Pretty SF store after a long week of "omg, I'm never going to get one" -refreshes pages everywhere-".  Though it was priced higher than the actual price, which was around $120, I bought it for $184, shipping included from SF.  Anyways, I was just so happy to get one.

The contents came in a cute tote bag~
And these are the contents!  The fukubukuro comes with a parker, salopette, pochette, hair bow, and a pair of socks.
Close up of the parker; it's really soft, but thinner than I had imagined it to be.  The back was just plain so I didn't take a photo of it.
This is the salopette with the pastel pink pochette and hair bow.  It's so cute and pretty!  *.*  I need to iron it though.  And sadly, it is a bit big on me, if you noticed how I had to tighten it all the way in the back.  lol  The salopette had the colors white, pink, sax, and pastel yellow on it, which I did not expect the sax and yellow.
This is the pochette; it's decorated with a cute bow with pearls and has the Angelic Pretty logo in gold on the bottom.  The material, I think it's pleather, but it is REALLY soft, like I couldn't believe how soft it was.  o.o
As for the socks, it is star themed with two horses near the ankle.
I hope you enjoyed the review, I'll be posting my Putumayo Fukubukuro review when I get it!  -waits impatiently-
Just a FYI, I was just staring at this page freaking out.  lol

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