Saturday, January 11, 2014

gradient skies tights.

I haven't posted in a while...I died in the mass of MMOs I've been playing.  lol  I started playing Blade and Soul on the China server, and it's sooo addicting!!  The character customization is so nice as well, then I also got back onto Tera.  I've just been gaming all this time and lost like 5 lbs in the process, which isn't good.  So I started eating more to gain back the 5 lbs.  @>@
Anywho, I finally got the tights I ordered from Taobao~  \o/  I was so excited for them and been waiting for them for a while and I finally received them today!  I took them out of the package really quickly lol.

This is what they look like~  For some reason, they really like to put all the tights in packaging similar to this, or maybe it's just a coincidence mine all have the same packaging.
I was going to wear them later since I had to work, but I couldn't resist so I went ahead and tried them on.  They were SO soft and silky.  I had some previous pair of tights like these, but they were more of tattoo tights and see through.  These are really opaque and vibrant and I love them!  *.*
Too pretty, I wish there were more colors~  8D
Anywho, very great buy and wonder what clothing I would pair with it~
Here's the link to them if you wish to purchase them!  They're fairly cheap by itself, but international shipping is another story.  lol


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  2. Those are so pretty ;-;
    Thanks for the review~ def gonna buy them in my next taobao haul :D

    1. No problem~ ;D Hope you like them as well!

  3. omg shinnnnnnnnnnnn ..
    i wanted to get it so much now Q.Q
    but when i click the link
    my eyes became blurr
    i don't know how read chinesse Q.Q

    1. Ahh use google translate! XD
      And find a Taobao agent to help you buy~

  4. I was wondering what colors those were. I would like to buy the darker pair, but want to know if I'm buying the right pair.

    1. It's navy color and a light blue color


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