Friday, January 17, 2014

marbled tea eggs.

I was craving some tea eggs again and there was three cartons of eggs at home, so I decided, well why not!  Let's make some tea eggs~  I have always followed Steamy Kitchen recipe for the eggs when I wanted to make them, and they're really delicious~  *.*  I'm no cooking expert and this recipe is really easy to make~  And making it in bulk is a good idea!  It's better to have more one person in the house or else you'll be eating eggs everyday.  lol  I'm not going to include the recipe since it's already listed it out on the website above, but I'll just include photos of my process.

First off, I boiled 12 eggs since there's like five people in the house.  [Please visit the recipe listed above in more detail, I'm just summarizing and I also doubled up on the recipe so the amount of ingredients will be different]
Afterwards, I cooled the eggs with running water.  Don't pour out the water from the pot!!
Now, time to crack them.  Don't like break it in half or something, just do it gently.  lol  FYI this photo was hard to take; I was actually holding the spoon with my mouth with the camera in my right hand.  Dx
I took a photo of the ingredients that I used...sooo much sugar ;A;
Oops, I barely missed the mark for 1 1/2 cup of soy sauce.
Put everything back in the pot with the water to let the eggs soak in all that flavor~  *.*  If only you were here to smell it.  -drools-
AND the end result~  It looks tasty doesn't it; good thing I have 12 eggs.  lolol  Going to eat it all...not really.  8D


  1. Goddamnit gurl, I love your blog! 8D ~♥ Super happy right now that I stumbled over it. >w< Following you, of course! I think you're extremely pretty and your style is gorgeous as well!

    Well, this recipe looks quite interesting. :3 Since I love eating eggs from time to time as well, I'll keep this in mind. ^^

    1. Ahh thank you thank you~ ;A;
      It's still a pretty new blog compared to some of the ones out there~ *.*
      But I'm slowly posting more things now! ;DD

      It's a good recipe! XD It smells so good as well and its a good quick breakfast if you're running late or snack~


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