Tuesday, January 14, 2014

[review] rimmel - extra pop lash purple.

As I said earlier, I think, school has started for me already.  I had to run out and by materials and textbooks for class.  I'm taking a Theater Design class which calls for me to have art supplies so I ran to like every art/crafts store with coupons in hand.  XD  I also ran to Walgreens to look for simple things that I could get cheaper.  I walked by the makeup section [like I always do, not matter what I'm doing] and I found a section of Rimmel mascara.  I've been meaning to buy colored mascara for a while, but I wasn't ready to put down $20 on mascara that I would wear mostly for cosplay and other occasions aka not spending so much on something I won't use everyday.  I came across Rimmel's Extra Pop Lash and instantly wanted them, and they were only $4!  I wanted to buy one, but I didn't know how good of quality it would be, so I actually went back home and came back another day to grab it after researching it.  I was really hoping it would still be there since it was Limited Edition [I have really bad luck with limited edition items, too indecisive and regret not buying it later lol...], but it was still there so I went ahead and bought it!

There was no box or packaging, it just came like this.
And this is the back~  You can't really see all of the ingredients though, sorry.  ^^;  It was made in England!  Did not know that.  lol  Well it's called Rimmel London for a reason.  XD
The brush looks like any normal mascara brush to me, and I really like the color.  It's not a dark purple, but a lighter purple so it'll probably show up better.
I applied it on both my eyelashes and eyebrows with no primer and I have to say it really does show up!  I wonder what it would look like with primer~  *>*  But you do have to spend a bit of time making sure you cover every part of your eyelashes.  You can still see a bit of black on the right eye.  lol
I wanted to try the turquoise they had, but it was all gone already.  The only ones they had left were green and purple.  QQ  Hopefully I'll find the turquoise somewhere.  8D


  1. Amazing !!

    following you via bloglovin ~~


  2. That is so cool! How many coats did you apply? I must find some near me. :3

    1. As many as you need to fully cover your eyelashes, since it's a different color than natural eyelashes.
      I hope they're still selling them! DX


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