Sunday, February 2, 2014

vitrail light glitter eyeshadow - loveli bunni.

I've been working on a self portrait project for class so I haven't had time to update, but I did try some new makeup recently!  It's a different from what I've done before, since I've never used glitter before, but yea I'll just post some photos.  I got the glitter from Loveli Bunni FB shop.  It's not for sale yet, but it will be soon!  I really loved the blues and purples mixed together.  It made it so pretty~  *>*

At first, I wasn't sure whether I should incorporate pink into the overall look, but it turned out really nicely.
asdfoansdfoia I just can't get over how lovely this all looks together!  *o*
And lastly, this really fit the weather outside.  It was snowing so I decided to go for a "frosty" look.
BRRR It was really cold.  XD

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