Saturday, September 6, 2014

lavender hair.

I went out shopping today in my new...................HAIR COLOR~  It took me so long to get this color.  I actually dyed it three times because the first two times were splotchy.  It's still a bit uneven, but it looks a lot better now.  I used N'Rage Bubble Gum Pink and Purple Plum.  Since the purple plum is a blue based purple, I mixed a little bit pink with purple and it turned out this color.
When I applied it, my hair turned out splotchy with silver, blonde and purple.  So I redid it a second time and it turned out better.  I didn't really like how much blue was in the undertone so I mixed some more dye for the third time.  This time I made the mixture a pink based with only a tiny bit of purple.
This was to overlay on top of the color I had in my hair already to make it a more pink/purple hair color.  The third time helped cover my splotchy areas and subdued the blue in my hair.  There's still some dark blonde hair that didn't get dyed, but it should be fine.
I went out to the mall today and took some photos of my newly dyed hair~  It turned out really nice.  It's uneven but it works.  XD

Monday, September 1, 2014

shiro costest.

School started for me once again, so no time to do anything but projects.  ><  I transferred colleges to get into a major I wanted to do.  Anyways, just a quick update on what has been going on.  I pretty much finished my cosplay for an upcoming con, AWA.  I decided to cosplay Shiro from No Game No Life~  I sewed for like one week straight trying to finish it.  XD

Angel Wing Heart