Wednesday, December 16, 2015

[review] koelf - gold & royal jelly eye patch.

I bought a lot of skincare around August but I was slowly starting to run out of face masks, so I decided to browse around for some new ones.  I came across Jolse which I bought from earlier and saw that they were hosting a giveaway for some eye patches.  While my dark circles aren't super bad, I don't get enough sleep during school year and my dark circles just get worse.  I haven't tried eye cream before since I wasn't sure which one to pick from all the brands out there.  I decided to sign up for the giveaway for the Koelf Gold & Royal Jelly Eye Patch hosted by Jolse.
A few weeks later I found out that I was one of the lucky winners for the giveaway and that means the eye patches are on the way!  I was really excited and looked forward to it~  Thank you Jolse for the opportunity to try this product!

There were three eye patches I could choose from: Koelf Pearl & Shea Butter, Koelf Ruby & Bulgarian Rose, and Koelf Gold & Royal Jelly.  I wanted to try all of them but I decided to try the Gold & Royal Jelly.  (Koelf is part of PETITFEE)
The eye patch is gold in color and it claims that the gold effect is good for purifying the skin and that the royal jelly helps the skin stay smooth and firm.
      • Skin Type: All
      • Ingredients: Gold, Royal Jelly Extract, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Houttuynia Cordate Extract
      • Volume: 60 pieces (30 days usage, it lasts about a month)
      • Comes with small plastic spatula to pick up eye patches
The packaging looks like this.  I like how it says it's the "eyepatch for elves".  Will I be pretty like elves?  *o*
The container for the eyepatches look like this.  Very nice floral decoration and packaging is nice and clean.  I like how the eye patches are stacked on top of each other, but slightly not aligned with the eye patch below it so it's easier to pick it up.  
Live view of the individual piece.
The eye patches are so sparkly >3<  The eye patches are also properly soaked with the product and hydrating.  I like putting the container somewhere cold so when I put the eye patches on my eyes it gives a nice cooling sensation.  I know you're supposed to apply it under your eyes the other way but I like doing it this way >o<  I think it reaches my dark circles better this way.
After I took the eye patches off, my skin under my eyes felt smooth and slightly hydrated.  There was a slight difference and my dark circles looked a bit lighter, but I've heard that you're supposed to use eye patches for one month before it shows any noticeable differences.  Why?  Because your skin regenerates every month so you have to wait a month.  Overall, I really like this product and I would want to try the other ones that I listed above once I run out of this one.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

[sponsored review] lenspop - bunny 4 color og16 violet.

o(〃^▽^〃)o Happy Halloween lovelies~  I bring you lenses review today!  I had to take my younger sister trick-or-treating so I decided to get dressed up and put on some makeup to go out.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to dress up as so I just kind of did something real quick since I didn't have much time.  I wanted to go for a purple theme so I used the lenses I received from KLensPop!

Brand: Lenspop
Series: Bunny 4 Color OG16
B.C.: 8.8 mm
DIA: 14.50 mm
Water Content: 38%
Color: Violet
Shop Link

The vials should look like this!
As always, trying to get the lenses to stay upright while putting the vials on its side is hard.  ;<  Took several tries.  lol
Just the view of one for more details.
The lenses in solution.  Looks super pretty.  Looks kind of like fireworks to me.
Window light vs Flash
Ooooo spoopy!  Yes this was my makeup.  It's not the best and I think I could have done better.  It also looked better in real life.  ;<
Real time of the lenses.
[Please view in 1080p HD]
My full makeup!  I'm not sure what to call this.  It was just supposed to look sinister I guess.  But the more I look at it, the more I think I just looked silly.  -cries-
The vein-like lines could have been better...sighs...another time.  The lipstick was actually a purple red in real life but it turned out really red in photos.  ;X

What I think about the lenses?
Love them~  The design was really pretty.  There were four tones in like advertised and they blend in really well together.  I stated before the design was like fireworks or a starburst.
Comfort: 5/5
Felt good the whole day and no pain.  Wore this during a convention as well and no problems.  The only problem was that one of the lenses refused to stay in the center of my eye but that might be due to the different base curve than what I usually wear, which is 8.6 mm.
Enlargement: 4/5
Pretty good enlargement ;D  Does what a 14.5 mm does.  Not too big and not too small.  Of course the black ring always helps make it look bigger.
Color: 5/5
Great colors~  I chose to wear the wig I had in the photos because it matches the lenses.  The purple eyeshadow matched one tone and the wig matched another tone of the lenses.  It's like purple but with pink specks here and there.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

[review] vdl - color correcting primer in lavender.

I haven't done a makeup review in a while, but that's because I don't have the luxury to buy makeup as often as I like sadly.  But thanks to my job in the summer, I finally told myself that I really need to replenish my makeup as they were all probably over a year old.  Shhh, don't tell anyone.  >o>  I know that's bad for my skin but I wear makeup so rarely that nothing bad comes from it but I still do need to get some new ones.  I went to New York in July and was able to pick up some new skincare along with some makeup.  I didn't get to buy as much since I knew that they were probably overpriced so I ended up buying the rest of it online.

I actually did not intend on buying the VDL Color Correcting Primer, but I saw that in was in a lavender shade so I immediately went to find it online.  It's a rather semi-new item so not a lot of stores were selling it.  I only found it on Ebay and Amazon.  Now makeup in lavender shades are no new concept, but they are usually concealers which I don't use.  I was on a Korean makeup haul anyway so when I saw that VDL came out with a new primer, I was set on buying it.

It may not look like it, but I actually have problems with dull and yellow skin.  I tend to look yellow or really orange in photos and it really bothers me.  I would say my skin is olive toned with A LOT MORE yellow in it which makes me look really tan for some reason, especially my face.  My legs are a different story, they're not as weirdly yellow as my face and hands.  And my feet, well they're just nice and pale.  lol

Well on to the review~  The primer comes in two shades, mint green and lavender.  I want to try the mint green as well, but I don't have any problems with redness so that would be a lost cause and waste of money.  XD  I wanted to try this out even if it didn't work because it would still act as a primer anyways.  Just some info about the different shades that they carry if the lavender does not apply to you.

      • No.1 Mint Green - Targets redness in skin tone 
      • No. 2 Lavender - Targets dull and yellow skin tone
    Though the primer says it's lavender, it looks more pinkish toned in color which is good for brightening the face up as well.  I didn't think too much into it since Holika Holika's Aqua Petit Jelly Starter's lavender shade was also pinkish in tone.  I was actually considering buying from Holika Holika but ended up with the VDL primer.
    When I got my primer in the mail I initially thought I received the wrong product.  It wasn't even pinkish in tone as advertised in the stock image, but it was pretty much a beige color.  I started panicking and decided to do a quick swatch test.  It actually turned out to be more of a peachy/white tone rather than a pink or lavender.  I was slightly disappointed but decided to just try it out anyways.
    I applied half of it on my hand and was impressed at the turn out!  I don't know if you can see as well on the photo, but can you tell that my knuckles on my pinky and ring finger have a slight yellow tinge vs. my other two fingers?  Afterwards I applied it to my whole hand and it gave a nice and flawless finish.  The product is very lightweight, which I expected it to be since it is a primer and a foundation would have to be applied on top.
    I then applied it on my face since that's where most of the yellowness in my skin resides.  You can see the difference and how it brightens and gets rid of the yellow undertones in my complexion.
    All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with this product though I had doubts about it at first.  My reaction to when I first tried it was literally me jumping around squeeing.  lol  As I stated before I found it on Amazon and Ebay and it was around $23.00 or so.  This was where I bought it from if anyone is interested.

    Monday, September 14, 2015

    secret cosplay wips.

    As I promised, I will be posting some WIPs of my secret cosplay I'm trying to finish for the upcoming AWA!  I wonder if anyone will figure out what I'm making.  Very short post today since I'm busy sewing!  I'll be posting a lot of over delayed reviews of lenses after the convention though so stay tuned!

    Sunday, August 23, 2015

    [sponsored review] lenspop - bunny 3 color grey.

    School started for me again.  ;A;  Summer seemed so short like always.  One of the classes I'll be taking is going to be Flat Pattern Design; I'm so excited!  I've taken a course on flat pattern before but the school I transferred to didn't count it towards my major, so I have to take it again.  BUT I don't mind since it's more experience for me~  AWA is coming up in one month and I randomly had a sudden urge to make a cosplay out of no where!  I wonder if I can finish making the outfit in a month?!  Maybe I'll post WIPs, I'm not sure yet since it's a secret cosplay~  Shhh...well for the people following my blog, you might get to see what I'll be making.  haha.
    Well I'm just rambling today aren't I?  Not much happening in life really...oh wait, I got a new camera lens!  It's a Canon EF 50mm  f/1.8 STM Lens.  I wanted to try out bokeh in my photos and I have to say it's so amazing~  I still use my starter kit lens more often for reviews though.  The bokeh effect is just for extra...I'm still rambling.  Okay, well I'll be reviewing some lenses from KLensPop!  I'm pretty sure you guys have heard of them before since I've done reviews of lenses from them before~  I really like the lenses they have.  *o*

    Brand: Lenspop
    Series: Bunny 3 Color
    B.C.: 8.6 mm
    DIA: 14.50 mm
    Water Content: 38%
    Color: Grey
    Shop Link

    This is what your vials should look like if you purchase them!
    Holding them up to the light was really hard to do since my hand would shake so I turned them sideways.  Probably start doing it this way from now on, it's easier.
    Just a shot with one vial; I tried my best to keep the lenses upright like that.
    You can really see the design details here.  There's 3 tones in these lenses just like it's name.
    Window light vs Flash
    Close up of the lenses
    Real time of the lenses.
    [Please view in 1080p HD]
    Photo spammm as always.  I really like how my hair is like white silver right now.  It took so long for it to be this color...finally.  ;A;
    The white hairrr, it's so pretty.  I wish it would stay forever; I really need to do root touch up though.

    What I think about the lenses?
    I love grey/silver lenses!  But I was a bit disappointed since it looked a lot brighter unworn.  When I put them on they were more of a dark grey than a silver.  But then again, there's not many silver lenses out there and I'm placing high expectations on these lenses.
    Comfort: 4/5
    I'm not sure why but my eyes started drying out only 3 hours into wearing them.  It was just drying, but no pain.
    Enlargement: 3/5
    For 14.50 mm lenses they sure are small!  That's because the lenses itself are 14.50 mm but the graphic diameter is only about 13.30 mm.  If you look at the lenses really closely, you can see a lot of space between the design of the lenses vs the edge of the lenses.
    Color: 3/5
    Like I stated earlier, I was hoping they were more of a silver color, but for grey lenses they do their job.  Very nice neutral tone and it blends REALLY nicely into the eyes.  They look natural and it almost looks like they blend into my eyes~

    Friday, July 10, 2015

    [sponsored review] lenspop - cara green.

    Summer is such a horrible time for me.  I start eating so much and random junk food.  Dx  Well good thing is I don't gain weight easily, but I need to start exercising and eating healthy again.  I'm still busy working so I'm not able to update my blog as often as I hope to.  I also started playing FFXIV and Black Desert again~  But that's pretty much what has been going on with my life.  I need to start sewing and making new cosplays again too!  So much stuff to do, so little time.  Without further ado, I'll be reviewing some lenses I should have done a while back.  So sorry for the wait!  I had to find time to actually review the lenses when I wasn't working or doing something else.  The lenses were from KLenspop which I stated earlier in one of my other reviews that they were kind enough to contact me about reviewing for them.

    Brand: Lenspop
    Series: Cara
    B.C.: 8.6 mm
    DIA: 14.00 mm
    Water Content: 38%
    Color: Green
    Shop Link

    The vials as you can see here, the manufacturer of the lenses are M.I. Contact, but it says Venus Eyes here so I'm guessing that's the type of lens it is??  Not sure.
    The lenses held up to the light.  It has a really distinctive design and very bold as well.  I hope is shows up a lot.
    Comparison of the lenses in normal lighting (open window) and flash.
    Close up of the lenses and my makeup.  XD  I wanted to try a different type of makeup I hardly do because my eyes are not even.  I've always been scared it would turn out looking weird...but it doesn't look TOO bad...
    And of course please watch for a live representation of the lenses.
    [Please view in 1080p HD]
    I recently cosplayed Idol version Asuna from SAO so I wanted to wear my wig for this review~
    This eye makeup makes my eyes look so huge.  O.O  Haha, it's really great for cosplays.  lol
    I usually take the whole day doing lens review...I wish I could do them faster.  Haha, but I like taking time to make sure I review them properly.

    What I think about the lenses?
    They're dolly lenses.  Good for enlarging eyes for a cute look.  Of course the makeup I applied helps enhance the look too.  lol
    Comfort: 5/5
    No comfort at all.  No dryness and it was fairly comfortable.  It only started stinging after about 6 hours which is normal.
    Enlargement: 4/5
    The lenses are only 14.00 mm in diameter and the colored part of the lenses are only 13.30 mm in diameter, but the bold black ring around the colored part of the lenses makes up for the smallness of the lenses and helps create an illusion of really round big eyes.
    Color: 3/5
    I was hoping the colors would stand out a big more, though the lenses are quite opaque, the green is a dark green.  So having dark brown eyes and with the green being so dark, it doesn't stand out a lot; the color is there, it's just a bit too dark.

    Friday, May 22, 2015

    [sponsored review] neo vision - neo 2 color blue.

    Guess what!  It's another lens review that I got from E-Circlelens.  I will be reviewing some blue contact lenses!  I haven't reviewed blue ones in forever...but here's the catch.  I made a mistake...>.>  I didn't realize I had reviewed some lenses really similar, if not the same, as these.  But that's okay, this is the new and updated version of the review with better quality photos!  Also, comparing to the old lenses, these lenses are actually more vibrant so maybe they revamped the lenses or something?  These were also more comfortable than the old ones so yea that's a good thing.  Also if you buy it from E-Circlelens you can actually change the base curvature of the lenses to match your eyes.  So if you have astigmatism this would be really good for you.

    Brand: Neo Vision
    Series: Neo 2 Color aka Sunflower Edge
    B.C.: 8.4 (8.2, 8.6, 8.8) mm
    DIA: 14.00 mm
    Water Content: 38%
    Color: Blue
    Shop Link

    These are what the vials look like.  Very plain looking right?  But the lenses inside make up for it!  lol
    The lens held up to the light.
    Comparison of the the lenses in different lighting.
    Close up of the lenses, you can really see the design here~
    The videos I took this time were blurry so I have to redo them.
    [Please view in 1080p HD]
    I haven't put on faux eyelashes in such a long time I wanted to use them today.  I paired it with some blue eyeshadow to match with the lenses, but I only applied it lightly only to enhance the blueness of the lenses rather than overpower it.  It's a nice look for going out to the mall and isn't too dramatic.
    I realllllly like how the lenses looked in this photo right here~
    The lenses are still quite vibrant from far away.  I took this using natural lighting coming from a window, but it's still blue even under semi-dark lighting as well.

    What I think about the lenses?
    Blue lenses are one of my favorites~  These would be good lenses for cosplay, definitely.  The designs in these lenses resemble sunflowers and the lenses also go by an alternate name "Sunflower Edge" series.
    Comfort: 5/5
    As expected of Neo Vision contacts; the lenses from them are always super thin and super comfortable.  I wore them all day with no discomforts and at the end of the day my eyes weren't sore or dry.  They felt like nothing~  *o*
    Enlargement: 2/5
    These are one of those lenses where I would classify as just for color.  There's not much enlargement in the lenses which is totally A-OKAY with me since I like colorful and vibrant lenses more than I want enlargement.  There still is a thin black ring bordered around the lenses for slight enlargement, so if you're looking for just something to make your eyes look a little bit bigger with some nice color, these are the lenses for you.
    Color: 5/5
    Very nice sapphire blue color.  It also makes me think of a deep ocean blue color as well and can look lighter depending on the lighting.  Overall I really like this blue, it's quite vibrant~

    Thursday, May 14, 2015

    [sponsored review] unicontact - mio accent brown.

    Okay so, work is kicking me in the butt.  XD  I have been working 6-8 hours everyday since last Tuesday.  Today was my first off day so I finally got to do another lens review.  I wish I could post reviews more often since I want to try out all the lenses I got.  ;<  My schedule for work doesn't seem to get any better either for this next week.....sighs.  Well at least I'm making money rather than being poor I guess.  lol  Anyways, today I will be reviewing some lenses I received from E-Circlelens!~  This time I was able to choose blue contacts and gold contacts.  Did I say gold?  Yes!  I did say gold.  Gold contacts are so hard to find so I was so excited to see that E-Circlelens had gold contacts so I picked them to see how they would look.  I have tried some other gold lenses before but I wanted to see if these were any better or more comfortable.  8D

    Brand: UniContact
    Series: Mio Accent
    B.C.: 8.6 mm
    DIA: 14.00 mm
    Water Content: 38%
    Color: Brown (Gold)
    Shop Link

    Whooooo!  Picture time!  The lens vials~  These were actually pretty easy to take off.  No scratches this time!  I've gotten too many cuts and scratches from boxcutters at work.  =.=
    YES GOLD DO YOU SEE THAT WONDERFUL GOLD COLOR!  Isn't it beautiful  *o*  It looks like it glitters when it's held up to the light.
    In solution~  Looks a bit dimmer here but nonetheless still a pretty gold though its technically listed as brown lenses
    I'm amazed they still retained a golden color on my dark brown eyes as well.
    Close up of the details on the lenses~
    Sorry the video looks a bit grainy, I'm not sure why that is, I'll have to check my camera settings.
    [Please view in 1080p HD]
     I went with a natural makeup style today because someone asked me before about how to do natural makeup...well this is how I do my natural makeup; can you tell I have makeup on?  I have some brown shimmer eyeshadow on and brown eyeliner.  I also used a very thin coat of mascara as well for the eye makeup.  Don't forget the shimmer for the inner corner of the eye too!
    Today is a tomboy style day so that's why it's also very natural makeup...I look like a shota in this photo though.  That brown line I drew on my lips...probably a bad idea, lol makes my lips look ever wider than it already is.
    Lol Sorry for the different lighting in this photo, I took this photo after coming back from work.  Yes it was my day off, but I still had to go in for an hour for cash register training so I went to work with my makeup and lenses on.  lol  The sun started setting when I took this photo so I didn't get as much good lighting.  ;<

    What I think about the lenses?
    If you need gold lenses for these.  They're so nice~  Nice gold color but doesn't look scary.  It can also look brown in some lighting as well.
    Comfort: 4/5
    No discomforts, just started drying out a bit a few hours later.
    Enlargement: 3/5
    For 14.00 mm lenses, these have decent enlargement because there is a bold black limbal ring around the colored part of the lenses.  I thought these were small enough to where they wouldn't make you look like you have alien eyes without makeup on.  So all in all, they're a good size for dolly makeup or natural makeup.
    Color: 5/5
    GOLD!  They are gold!  What more can I say.  They can actually look orange as well in different lighting as well.  The design with the black and gold creates a sort of sparkle/glittery look to the lenses.  It makes your eyes all kira kira~  The color is vibrant and bold and it will definitely show a different color on dark brown eyes.
    Angel Wing Heart