Wednesday, April 1, 2015

[sponsored review] ick - crystal green.

Spring break seemed so short....I mean it was one week, but it still seemed way too short.  I was busy sewing non-stop though; I thought I had to finish my dress for class by the end of spring break.  Turned out I did not have to...=.=  Welp, at least I'm done with the dress; it turned out nice, but I think I want to add more to it!  ;D
But onward to the lenses review!  The lenses I have this time are the Ick - Crystal Green.  It was the second pair of lenses I received from E-Circlelens.  Green lenses are one of the colored lenses I rarely get.  I usually get blue or red lenses since I love how they show up on my eyes, but this time I told myself, "you know, why not try them out and see how they turn out".

Brand: Ick
Series: Crystal
B.C.: 8.6 mm
DIA: 14.40 mm
Water Content: 38%
Color: Green
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As you saw the last review, this plastic covering is really nice.  I wish all lenses came like this.
Plano lenses for life....I hope!  But the power, series, and color is listed.
Here's something different!  The top of the vial actually pops off and reveals a little tab which you can pull on.  Honestly, I think this is a great design because I didn't have to struggle trying to get the top off like most lenses vials.
Green with black; very geometric shaped.
I just realized the black part of the lenses create a sort of a star shape!  ;o
Different lighting...the natural lighting looks better.  lol
I really liked the single eye view like I did last time so I think I'll start making it part of my reviews now.
Lighting is a bit better this time but not much.  ;<  I need to learn how to video edit.  XD
[Please view in 1080p HD]
Photo with lenses

What I think about the lenses?
They give the eyes like a sparkle due to the design of the lenses.  Another good for everyday lenses because it's not too vibrant.  
Comfort: 5/5
No discomfort whatsoever!  My eyes look a little red in my photos but they were red already before I put the lenses in so don't let that scare you!  I had no discomfort putting them in and no discomfort while they were on as well.
Enlargement: 5/5
They made my eyes look really was a bit creepy if I didn't have makeup.  They are great for that dolly big-eyed look.  Want enlarging lenses, these are the way to go.  The black limbal ring and the black in the design just make it bolder looking.
Color: 2/5
The lenses look too dark for my liking.  I usually like vibrant lenses so these aren't as colorful as I'm used to.  There is a lot of black in the design so it makes the lenses look more black than it is green.  But it is really cool how it looks like there are specks of green in your eyes, sort of like little twinkles in your eyes.


  1. Pretty as ussual shin xD.. although the lens not too vibrant but this lens make your eyes sooooooooooo dolly ♡○♡..
    The dress sooooo pretty.. >○<.. u must add lace on your dress n make it be so princessy heheh

    1. Thank you!! And yea I was hoping it would be more vibrant, but it doess since it has so much black on it. XD
      Hmm Im thinking about putting another layer of organza over the dress. ;D

  2. I really like the design of the lenses and they look great on you!:) Because they're not so vibrant I think they'd be great every day lenses :) And they make your eyes look kinda jewelry-like which looks really pretty!:) Great review!:)

    xoxo, Merce <3

    1. Haha yea I think they give like a little twinkle/sparkle in the eyes which is interesting.

  3. Aaah, they look great on you!~ the dress is also really cute c:

    Kiyomoi ♥

  4. thanks so much for this great review, I like so much..

  5. Wonderful design of it. Your eyes look so big! Lovely ♥

    Have a nice Monday ~
    last buys | jollychic


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