Friday, May 22, 2015

[sponsored review] neo vision - neo 2 color blue.

Guess what!  It's another lens review that I got from E-Circlelens.  I will be reviewing some blue contact lenses!  I haven't reviewed blue ones in forever...but here's the catch.  I made a mistake...>.>  I didn't realize I had reviewed some lenses really similar, if not the same, as these.  But that's okay, this is the new and updated version of the review with better quality photos!  Also, comparing to the old lenses, these lenses are actually more vibrant so maybe they revamped the lenses or something?  These were also more comfortable than the old ones so yea that's a good thing.  Also if you buy it from E-Circlelens you can actually change the base curvature of the lenses to match your eyes.  So if you have astigmatism this would be really good for you.

Brand: Neo Vision
Series: Neo 2 Color aka Sunflower Edge
B.C.: 8.4 (8.2, 8.6, 8.8) mm
DIA: 14.00 mm
Water Content: 38%
Color: Blue
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These are what the vials look like.  Very plain looking right?  But the lenses inside make up for it!  lol
The lens held up to the light.
Comparison of the the lenses in different lighting.
Close up of the lenses, you can really see the design here~
The videos I took this time were blurry so I have to redo them.
[Please view in 1080p HD]
I haven't put on faux eyelashes in such a long time I wanted to use them today.  I paired it with some blue eyeshadow to match with the lenses, but I only applied it lightly only to enhance the blueness of the lenses rather than overpower it.  It's a nice look for going out to the mall and isn't too dramatic.
I realllllly like how the lenses looked in this photo right here~
The lenses are still quite vibrant from far away.  I took this using natural lighting coming from a window, but it's still blue even under semi-dark lighting as well.

What I think about the lenses?
Blue lenses are one of my favorites~  These would be good lenses for cosplay, definitely.  The designs in these lenses resemble sunflowers and the lenses also go by an alternate name "Sunflower Edge" series.
Comfort: 5/5
As expected of Neo Vision contacts; the lenses from them are always super thin and super comfortable.  I wore them all day with no discomforts and at the end of the day my eyes weren't sore or dry.  They felt like nothing~  *o*
Enlargement: 2/5
These are one of those lenses where I would classify as just for color.  There's not much enlargement in the lenses which is totally A-OKAY with me since I like colorful and vibrant lenses more than I want enlargement.  There still is a thin black ring bordered around the lenses for slight enlargement, so if you're looking for just something to make your eyes look a little bit bigger with some nice color, these are the lenses for you.
Color: 5/5
Very nice sapphire blue color.  It also makes me think of a deep ocean blue color as well and can look lighter depending on the lighting.  Overall I really like this blue, it's quite vibrant~


  1. These lenses are gorgeous! And you are equally gorgeous!!
    The blue shade is so pretty! I also agree with Neo lenses being ultra comfortable.
    Thank you for reviewing! :D

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    1. Aww well thank you~ >3< And yes blue is such a pretty color and yea I've always found that brand to be really comfy.

  2. They look gorgeous on you!! Wish I could pull off blue lenses xD
    Also where did you get your wig? o:

    1. Aww I'm pretty sure you could look good in blue lenses with the right makeup! Also the wig is from Gabalnara.

  3. I want this colour too ♥ It looks amazing on the eyes ♥

    Have a nice Monday ~
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