Thursday, May 14, 2015

[sponsored review] unicontact - mio accent brown.

Okay so, work is kicking me in the butt.  XD  I have been working 6-8 hours everyday since last Tuesday.  Today was my first off day so I finally got to do another lens review.  I wish I could post reviews more often since I want to try out all the lenses I got.  ;<  My schedule for work doesn't seem to get any better either for this next week.....sighs.  Well at least I'm making money rather than being poor I guess.  lol  Anyways, today I will be reviewing some lenses I received from E-Circlelens!~  This time I was able to choose blue contacts and gold contacts.  Did I say gold?  Yes!  I did say gold.  Gold contacts are so hard to find so I was so excited to see that E-Circlelens had gold contacts so I picked them to see how they would look.  I have tried some other gold lenses before but I wanted to see if these were any better or more comfortable.  8D

Brand: UniContact
Series: Mio Accent
B.C.: 8.6 mm
DIA: 14.00 mm
Water Content: 38%
Color: Brown (Gold)
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Whooooo!  Picture time!  The lens vials~  These were actually pretty easy to take off.  No scratches this time!  I've gotten too many cuts and scratches from boxcutters at work.  =.=
YES GOLD DO YOU SEE THAT WONDERFUL GOLD COLOR!  Isn't it beautiful  *o*  It looks like it glitters when it's held up to the light.
In solution~  Looks a bit dimmer here but nonetheless still a pretty gold though its technically listed as brown lenses
I'm amazed they still retained a golden color on my dark brown eyes as well.
Close up of the details on the lenses~
Sorry the video looks a bit grainy, I'm not sure why that is, I'll have to check my camera settings.
[Please view in 1080p HD]
 I went with a natural makeup style today because someone asked me before about how to do natural makeup...well this is how I do my natural makeup; can you tell I have makeup on?  I have some brown shimmer eyeshadow on and brown eyeliner.  I also used a very thin coat of mascara as well for the eye makeup.  Don't forget the shimmer for the inner corner of the eye too!
Today is a tomboy style day so that's why it's also very natural makeup...I look like a shota in this photo though.  That brown line I drew on my lips...probably a bad idea, lol makes my lips look ever wider than it already is.
Lol Sorry for the different lighting in this photo, I took this photo after coming back from work.  Yes it was my day off, but I still had to go in for an hour for cash register training so I went to work with my makeup and lenses on.  lol  The sun started setting when I took this photo so I didn't get as much good lighting.  ;<

What I think about the lenses?
If you need gold lenses for these.  They're so nice~  Nice gold color but doesn't look scary.  It can also look brown in some lighting as well.
Comfort: 4/5
No discomforts, just started drying out a bit a few hours later.
Enlargement: 3/5
For 14.00 mm lenses, these have decent enlargement because there is a bold black limbal ring around the colored part of the lenses.  I thought these were small enough to where they wouldn't make you look like you have alien eyes without makeup on.  So all in all, they're a good size for dolly makeup or natural makeup.
Color: 5/5
GOLD!  They are gold!  What more can I say.  They can actually look orange as well in different lighting as well.  The design with the black and gold creates a sort of sparkle/glittery look to the lenses.  It makes your eyes all kira kira~  The color is vibrant and bold and it will definitely show a different color on dark brown eyes.


  1. I wish you are boys TT____TT
    YOU REALLY LOOK A LIKE LEE JONG SUK.. my husbandoooo...
    If you are a boy i will crush and force you to be mine xD

    I have this lens too.. but i haven't use it.. maybe soon i will try use this lens becauseeeee the color soo pwwweeetttyyyyy xD

    1. Ahahaha, sometimes I wished I was a boy from time to time since I think I look better as a boy....>..> Life struggles. lol XD And no wayy, he looks so much better than me!

      You should wear them, the color is really nice! And gold lenses are not as common so yea definitely try yours out!

  2. Ah, I think I like this pair of lenses even better than the last one your reviewed. XD They look so good. *_*
    And you do, too, with that tomboy look. Handsome little shota. <3 ;)

    1. Me too I just love the color of them so much~
      And yes yes, I'm a shota XD

  3. THANK YOU, SHIN KEI♥ Please take a look: haha

    1. Ahh it's not a problem! And thank you too!


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