Sunday, November 1, 2015

[sponsored review] lenspop - bunny 4 color og16 violet.

o(〃^▽^〃)o Happy Halloween lovelies~  I bring you lenses review today!  I had to take my younger sister trick-or-treating so I decided to get dressed up and put on some makeup to go out.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to dress up as so I just kind of did something real quick since I didn't have much time.  I wanted to go for a purple theme so I used the lenses I received from KLensPop!

Brand: Lenspop
Series: Bunny 4 Color OG16
B.C.: 8.8 mm
DIA: 14.50 mm
Water Content: 38%
Color: Violet
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The vials should look like this!
As always, trying to get the lenses to stay upright while putting the vials on its side is hard.  ;<  Took several tries.  lol
Just the view of one for more details.
The lenses in solution.  Looks super pretty.  Looks kind of like fireworks to me.
Window light vs Flash
Ooooo spoopy!  Yes this was my makeup.  It's not the best and I think I could have done better.  It also looked better in real life.  ;<
Real time of the lenses.
[Please view in 1080p HD]
My full makeup!  I'm not sure what to call this.  It was just supposed to look sinister I guess.  But the more I look at it, the more I think I just looked silly.  -cries-
The vein-like lines could have been better...sighs...another time.  The lipstick was actually a purple red in real life but it turned out really red in photos.  ;X

What I think about the lenses?
Love them~  The design was really pretty.  There were four tones in like advertised and they blend in really well together.  I stated before the design was like fireworks or a starburst.
Comfort: 5/5
Felt good the whole day and no pain.  Wore this during a convention as well and no problems.  The only problem was that one of the lenses refused to stay in the center of my eye but that might be due to the different base curve than what I usually wear, which is 8.6 mm.
Enlargement: 4/5
Pretty good enlargement ;D  Does what a 14.5 mm does.  Not too big and not too small.  Of course the black ring always helps make it look bigger.
Color: 5/5
Great colors~  I chose to wear the wig I had in the photos because it matches the lenses.  The purple eyeshadow matched one tone and the wig matched another tone of the lenses.  It's like purple but with pink specks here and there.
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