Friday, April 7, 2017

[sponsored review] neo vision - ring's black.

Hey everyone! Sorry for not updating recently; life really just took over. I was in my final year in college and final projects were very time consuming, so I stopped really everything until I had time again. Needless to say, I have finally graduated college with summa cum laude honor~ \o/ I also went back to Taiwan for a month in January/February; I really needed that vacation. I did not want to leave at all, in fact I wish I could just live there now! I'm honestly thinking about trying to find a job there so I can move there, but I don't even know where to start. I'll figure out a way!
But for today, I bring a new lens review! WOW, it's been a while hasn't it? To be honest, I actually haven't worn lenses in a while because I actually went into a slump with my self esteem and just stopped taking care of my appearance for a bit. It's starting to get better though I think...anyways, I will be reviewing Neo Vision - Ring's Black! If you know me, I LOVE Neo Vision's contact lenses. They're super comfortable and appealing, so I was excited and thankful that LongLongTail reached out to me and offered me to review these lenses. I think they are a new company and they ship from Korea. The shipping was also actually a lot faster than I expected! When I got the package it was neatly packaged, and they used a super cute unicorn deco tape to seal up my order!

Brand: Neo Vision
Series: Ring's Black
B.C.: 8.2-8.8 mm
DIA: 14.00 mm
Water Content: 38%
Color: Black
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They also put the lenses inside this cute bunny bag~ Too cute!
The vials should look like this~
Detail shot of lenses; it somewhat has like a starburst design
Different lighting
Close up view

Super dolly lenses!

What I think about the lenses?
I told the company that I never tried on black lenses before because I always go for colored/vibrant lenses, but this time I wanted to try out the black eyed dolly look. It definitely does what it's supposed to do.
Comfort: 5/5
Neo Vision lenses are always comfortable. No problem with them at all.
Enlargement: 3.5/5
It does a pretty good job naturally enhancing my eye for being 14mm. For those looking for the intense dolly eyed look, I would probably go with a larger size, but for everyday, this is perfect.
Color: 1/5
Ahahaha, this is self explanatory. No color, it is just straight up black.


  1. Wow! They look really original!! A very wise choice!
    Lately i'm wearing a lot my black circle lenses ^-^

    1. I know right! I'm so used to colored contacts, but I actually really like the natural enhancement on my eyes.

  2. Aaah, I think I might have these lenses unopened somewhere! *O*
    I love how they do the whole "halo effect" thing, it's so pretty! So doll-like lenses! Really cute ~ 

    ☆ Shiro Samurai's Cosplay & Circle Lens Blog ☆

    1. You should wear them! It would look awesome~ I think the halo effect might be due to my astigmatism actually; some lenses will slide a bit on my eye haha

  3. Thank you!
    You do look like a doll with those black lenses! C:


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