Tuesday, October 15, 2013

momocon fan ambassador.

Okay, so I'm entered in this contest to try and be MomoCon's Fan Ambassador and I also want to try and win a free badge to the anime convention.  Could you be all so kind to help me win?  You guys also get to be entered in drawing for a free rare Shingeki no Kyojin T-shirt as well!  Thanks so much~
You can click the image to get to the contest!

Monday, October 14, 2013

[review] msh lab - love liner in rich black.

Yay!!!  I finally got new liquid eyeliner.  It's been over...a year since I used liquid.  I've been using my M.A.C. gel eyeliner since it worked so nicely, but for those fine precise lines, I needed a liquid eyeliner.  I was looking around for some eyeliners and I ran across the Love Liner Liquid in Rich Black.  There were two colors, a black one and a brown one.  I still had a little bit of brown left, nor did I really need a brown eyeliner, so I chose the black one.  I bought it from Sasa.com and it finally arrived~  \o/
So the packaging is really nice; I really liked it.  I think this is probably the fanciest packaging I've ever seen for a makeup product.  lol  I love the lace work in the design; it makes it look so elegant.  I feel like I'm buying a high end item, though the price for the eyeliner was like $20.  lol
The packaging seems really large for something as small as a liquid eyeliner.  Open it up and it tells you information about the eyeliner.  I would translate the Japanese, but I can only read so much of it so yea, use the pictures.  ^^;

  • Colors: Rich Black and Noble Brown
  • Pen Tip is 0.1 mm
  • Also tells you how to draw on your eyeliner for a specific look
Took out the eyeliner and it's this nice, slim, bronze colored pen.  I really like how it looks.  I'm actually glad it's not black like most black eyeliners are.
And here is just a picture of the fine tip.
Okay, so I did a swatch test with the eyeliner and compared it to Brand X.
Brand X came out really liquid-y and took forever to dry.  I was fanning my arm for a good 2 minutes before it decided to dry.  The Love Liner dried the moment it touched my arm; not to the point where you can redraw over it without taking some of it all, but if you touched it, it would not have come off...unlike Brand X..>.>
Note: Brand X on the left and Love Liner on the right.
Then I rinsed them under the water...Brand X didn't even last a chance...it came off too easily.  Love Liner stayed on my arm, but when I started rubbing it, it came off, though I had to rub my arms hard.
Onwards to the application.  The application is very precise, and I could draw fake eyelashes on if I wanted to.  You can layer it as well.  I really like this eyeliner!  *.*  It's smooth and glides on easily.  It looks somewhat like gel if you decide to use it lightly as well.
And this was with eyelashes on and what not.  This one is my left eye; photo above is my right eye.
And these are just shots of the makeup.

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