Sunday, July 6, 2014

sims 3 addiction.

Sorry I haven't updated in a while!  I've been busy again.  >3<
But I also started playing Sims 3 as well.  I started a week ago and I'm hooked.  lol  I played Sims 2 when I was younger and my Sims were soo pretty >3<  But I lost it with my old laptop that crashed and wiped everything. lol  I thought about getting Sims 3 when it came out, but I never did since there weren't many mods out.
Well the other day Steam was having a sale and I found Sims 3 being sold for like $7.00; I was like why not~  Pretty sure there are some new mods out and there were!  I made my sims so pretty >3<  It took 3-4 times to finally perfect them.  ;D

Some of them have simmabuns on it; that's my new simblr (sim inspired tumblr) that I created for posting my sims stuff!  Check it out if you would like~  It's  There's not much on it right now but I'll post more stuff as I go along~  I even made a how a video on how I created one of my favorite sims named Risa.  I thought it turned out really nicely.
Hopefully I will update a bit more often!  And now I leave you with this~

Angel Wing Heart