Wednesday, December 16, 2015

[review] koelf - gold & royal jelly eye patch.

I bought a lot of skincare around August but I was slowly starting to run out of face masks, so I decided to browse around for some new ones.  I came across Jolse which I bought from earlier and saw that they were hosting a giveaway for some eye patches.  While my dark circles aren't super bad, I don't get enough sleep during school year and my dark circles just get worse.  I haven't tried eye cream before since I wasn't sure which one to pick from all the brands out there.  I decided to sign up for the giveaway for the Koelf Gold & Royal Jelly Eye Patch hosted by Jolse.
A few weeks later I found out that I was one of the lucky winners for the giveaway and that means the eye patches are on the way!  I was really excited and looked forward to it~  Thank you Jolse for the opportunity to try this product!

There were three eye patches I could choose from: Koelf Pearl & Shea Butter, Koelf Ruby & Bulgarian Rose, and Koelf Gold & Royal Jelly.  I wanted to try all of them but I decided to try the Gold & Royal Jelly.  (Koelf is part of PETITFEE)
The eye patch is gold in color and it claims that the gold effect is good for purifying the skin and that the royal jelly helps the skin stay smooth and firm.
      • Skin Type: All
      • Ingredients: Gold, Royal Jelly Extract, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Houttuynia Cordate Extract
      • Volume: 60 pieces (30 days usage, it lasts about a month)
      • Comes with small plastic spatula to pick up eye patches
The packaging looks like this.  I like how it says it's the "eyepatch for elves".  Will I be pretty like elves?  *o*
The container for the eyepatches look like this.  Very nice floral decoration and packaging is nice and clean.  I like how the eye patches are stacked on top of each other, but slightly not aligned with the eye patch below it so it's easier to pick it up.  
Live view of the individual piece.
The eye patches are so sparkly >3<  The eye patches are also properly soaked with the product and hydrating.  I like putting the container somewhere cold so when I put the eye patches on my eyes it gives a nice cooling sensation.  I know you're supposed to apply it under your eyes the other way but I like doing it this way >o<  I think it reaches my dark circles better this way.
After I took the eye patches off, my skin under my eyes felt smooth and slightly hydrated.  There was a slight difference and my dark circles looked a bit lighter, but I've heard that you're supposed to use eye patches for one month before it shows any noticeable differences.  Why?  Because your skin regenerates every month so you have to wait a month.  Overall, I really like this product and I would want to try the other ones that I listed above once I run out of this one.
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