Wednesday, September 16, 2015

[review] vdl - color correcting primer in lavender.

I haven't done a makeup review in a while, but that's because I don't have the luxury to buy makeup as often as I like sadly.  But thanks to my job in the summer, I finally told myself that I really need to replenish my makeup as they were all probably over a year old.  Shhh, don't tell anyone.  >o>  I know that's bad for my skin but I wear makeup so rarely that nothing bad comes from it but I still do need to get some new ones.  I went to New York in July and was able to pick up some new skincare along with some makeup.  I didn't get to buy as much since I knew that they were probably overpriced so I ended up buying the rest of it online.

I actually did not intend on buying the VDL Color Correcting Primer, but I saw that in was in a lavender shade so I immediately went to find it online.  It's a rather semi-new item so not a lot of stores were selling it.  I only found it on Ebay and Amazon.  Now makeup in lavender shades are no new concept, but they are usually concealers which I don't use.  I was on a Korean makeup haul anyway so when I saw that VDL came out with a new primer, I was set on buying it.

It may not look like it, but I actually have problems with dull and yellow skin.  I tend to look yellow or really orange in photos and it really bothers me.  I would say my skin is olive toned with A LOT MORE yellow in it which makes me look really tan for some reason, especially my face.  My legs are a different story, they're not as weirdly yellow as my face and hands.  And my feet, well they're just nice and pale.  lol

Well on to the review~  The primer comes in two shades, mint green and lavender.  I want to try the mint green as well, but I don't have any problems with redness so that would be a lost cause and waste of money.  XD  I wanted to try this out even if it didn't work because it would still act as a primer anyways.  Just some info about the different shades that they carry if the lavender does not apply to you.

      • No.1 Mint Green - Targets redness in skin tone 
      • No. 2 Lavender - Targets dull and yellow skin tone
    Though the primer says it's lavender, it looks more pinkish toned in color which is good for brightening the face up as well.  I didn't think too much into it since Holika Holika's Aqua Petit Jelly Starter's lavender shade was also pinkish in tone.  I was actually considering buying from Holika Holika but ended up with the VDL primer.
    When I got my primer in the mail I initially thought I received the wrong product.  It wasn't even pinkish in tone as advertised in the stock image, but it was pretty much a beige color.  I started panicking and decided to do a quick swatch test.  It actually turned out to be more of a peachy/white tone rather than a pink or lavender.  I was slightly disappointed but decided to just try it out anyways.
    I applied half of it on my hand and was impressed at the turn out!  I don't know if you can see as well on the photo, but can you tell that my knuckles on my pinky and ring finger have a slight yellow tinge vs. my other two fingers?  Afterwards I applied it to my whole hand and it gave a nice and flawless finish.  The product is very lightweight, which I expected it to be since it is a primer and a foundation would have to be applied on top.
    I then applied it on my face since that's where most of the yellowness in my skin resides.  You can see the difference and how it brightens and gets rid of the yellow undertones in my complexion.
    All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with this product though I had doubts about it at first.  My reaction to when I first tried it was literally me jumping around squeeing.  lol  As I stated before I found it on Amazon and Ebay and it was around $23.00 or so.  This was where I bought it from if anyone is interested.

    Monday, September 14, 2015

    secret cosplay wips.

    As I promised, I will be posting some WIPs of my secret cosplay I'm trying to finish for the upcoming AWA!  I wonder if anyone will figure out what I'm making.  Very short post today since I'm busy sewing!  I'll be posting a lot of over delayed reviews of lenses after the convention though so stay tuned!

    Angel Wing Heart