Sunday, December 1, 2013

[review] sephora collection - n° 37 prom queen.

I recently just celebrated my birthday on November 24~  ;DD  I also had a gift card to Sephora so I decided to go redeem my free birthday gift and buy some new makeup.  About a month ago, I bought a eyeshadow palette, but the colors on it were really bad.  They weren't vibrant at all, so told myself I needed some new ones.  Bleh, what a waste of money.  I went browsing in the store for eyeshadow and I fell in love with the N° 37 Prom Queen shade.  It's a pink matte eyeshadow and while I was browsing the store online, I found that they were sold out.  I was lucky that I purchased the last one in store as well.  XD  I bought two eyeshadows and they had a promotion for a free palette case if you buy 2-3 eyeshadows.

I already took it out the plastic, was too excited.
And here's what it looks like on the inside.  [I already used a bit of it, that's what the dark spots are]
And this is the swatch test.  LOL my hairy arms DX

Overall, I really liked this.  You could layer the color on and it gave such a nice pink color.  ;A;  I want to try all the other colors now.  And it wasn't that expensive either.  Only $13 which is decent in my opinion.

It looks like I didn't put a lot of eyeshadow on my eyes on camera, but it was a lot in real life.
And happy early Christmas?  lol  Not really, I just felt like wearing the hat.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

momocon fan ambassador.

Okay, so I'm entered in this contest to try and be MomoCon's Fan Ambassador and I also want to try and win a free badge to the anime convention.  Could you be all so kind to help me win?  You guys also get to be entered in drawing for a free rare Shingeki no Kyojin T-shirt as well!  Thanks so much~
You can click the image to get to the contest!

Monday, October 14, 2013

[review] msh lab - love liner in rich black.

Yay!!!  I finally got new liquid eyeliner.  It's been over...a year since I used liquid.  I've been using my M.A.C. gel eyeliner since it worked so nicely, but for those fine precise lines, I needed a liquid eyeliner.  I was looking around for some eyeliners and I ran across the Love Liner Liquid in Rich Black.  There were two colors, a black one and a brown one.  I still had a little bit of brown left, nor did I really need a brown eyeliner, so I chose the black one.  I bought it from and it finally arrived~  \o/
So the packaging is really nice; I really liked it.  I think this is probably the fanciest packaging I've ever seen for a makeup product.  lol  I love the lace work in the design; it makes it look so elegant.  I feel like I'm buying a high end item, though the price for the eyeliner was like $20.  lol
The packaging seems really large for something as small as a liquid eyeliner.  Open it up and it tells you information about the eyeliner.  I would translate the Japanese, but I can only read so much of it so yea, use the pictures.  ^^;

  • Colors: Rich Black and Noble Brown
  • Pen Tip is 0.1 mm
  • Also tells you how to draw on your eyeliner for a specific look
Took out the eyeliner and it's this nice, slim, bronze colored pen.  I really like how it looks.  I'm actually glad it's not black like most black eyeliners are.
And here is just a picture of the fine tip.
Okay, so I did a swatch test with the eyeliner and compared it to Brand X.
Brand X came out really liquid-y and took forever to dry.  I was fanning my arm for a good 2 minutes before it decided to dry.  The Love Liner dried the moment it touched my arm; not to the point where you can redraw over it without taking some of it all, but if you touched it, it would not have come off...unlike Brand X..>.>
Note: Brand X on the left and Love Liner on the right.
Then I rinsed them under the water...Brand X didn't even last a came off too easily.  Love Liner stayed on my arm, but when I started rubbing it, it came off, though I had to rub my arms hard.
Onwards to the application.  The application is very precise, and I could draw fake eyelashes on if I wanted to.  You can layer it as well.  I really like this eyeliner!  *.*  It's smooth and glides on easily.  It looks somewhat like gel if you decide to use it lightly as well.
And this was with eyelashes on and what not.  This one is my left eye; photo above is my right eye.
And these are just shots of the makeup.

Monday, September 30, 2013

meeting hasegawa san and misako aoki.

So I recently just got back from Anime Weekend Atlanta and I was so pumped for it!  I will have a longer post about this later, but I'll just talk about a small part of it.  So I had to motives this year, meet ZUN, Touhou creator, and Hasegawa-san, designer or Putumayo.  Sadly I didn't get to see ZUN AT ALL due to some complications that I'll go into details later, but I did get to meet Hasegawa-san AND also model Misako Aoki.  I was soo happy being at the booth just looking at the clothes.  XD  I settled on two items, one from Putumayo and one from Angelic Pretty.  I also went to an autograph session with the two and I got photos take with them and I also got a Polaroid with Misako Aoki.  She even decorated it and signed it~  >3<
What I noticed that was unusual was that one of the assistants picked up a personal phone and snapped a photo of me before they took the Polaroid.  I was like hmm, I wonder what that was for.  And today I found out that my photo was posted on Misako Aoki's Ameblo blog!!  >3<  I was sooo excited, omg, I can't believe it!  XD  She thought my Putumayo coordinate was cute!

Monday, September 23, 2013

[sponsored review] secret star girl - tempting lash ss.5.

I recently saw that KPOP2 started stocking some eyelashes.  They were Korean brand eyelashes which I honestly have never seen before.  Most people use Japanese brands such as Diamond Lash, Eyemazing, and Koji Dolly Wink.  If not, just cheap off brands available really anywhere, on ebay, wholesale stores, etc.  But one think I have never seen or heard of before were Korean brands for eyelashes.  I'm pretty sure they are out there, but just not as well known probably.  Well to my surprise, KPOP2 offered to sponsor me a pair, so I accepted.  I was really interested in trying them.  So thank you to them for this chance.  I also watched the advertisement for this brand and I have to say I thought it was cute.  XD
There are three types of eyelashes:  Secret Star Girl K-Style, S-Style, and 5 Pair Packs  I was offered to try either the K-Style or S-Style.  The package included two pairs of false eyelashes and two small tubes of glue.
  • K-Style:
    Looks more natural and not as dramatic, with the exception of like one or two.  It also has some lower lashes options.  Only five to choose from.
  • S-Style:
    Looks more dolly like.  Some of the eyelashes resembled my Diamond Lash eyelashes and Dolly Wink eyelashes.  Many different styles to choose from.
I decided to choose one of the S-Styles.  The Tempting Lash really caught my eye so I wanted to give that one a try~  They are only $8.99 which is a pretty good price in my opinion~  Here is the link for the lashes!

KPOP2 was nice enough to throw in a The Face Shop Aloe face mask freebie along with the eyelashes~  ;D  Can't wait to try it out!  >3<
Here's the front of the eyelash packaging.  LOL  It does what it says, tempting lash.
Back of the packaging.
Okay, so on to applying them.  I used the glue that they supplied with the eyelashes, but I tried them twice and the glue didn't stick.  So I suggest you to have your own eyelash glue handy.  I used my favorite, Darkness Eyelash/Eyelid Adhesive to attach these on my eyes.  So yea, throwing away those tubes of glue.
These really remind me of my Diamond Lash Dolly Eye eyelashes.  XD  Design is similar, but there are differences.  These look more natural and blend in more with my original eyelashes I think.  Do like~ \o/  I wonder what they would look like if I doubled them up!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

bjd bed prop [wip].

For all you BJD owners out there, have you ever just gone, hmm I need some props for my doll.  You go into a BJD furniture hunt and you see that everything is just ridiculously priced?!  A chair for $25?!  A bed...$100+!!  AHHH!  ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ  Well I decided to look up DIY projects and what not and decided to start off small.  I found a tutorial for a sofa and started making it, but then I got a grand idea after visiting my local fabric/craft store.  I found Balsa wood and decided that Jin [my Yuz Luts] is in need of a bed.

I quickly sketched out an idea of how I wanted the bed to look and started gathering materials.  I gathered strips of balsa wood and decided to cut them into thirds.
Well so I had a hard time figuring out how to cut them.  I didn't have a craft knife so I ended up using one of the kitchen knives.  SHHHH, I told no one.  XD  It kinda worked but I had to snap them apart which left jagged edges, but I remembered I had an unnaturally rough nail filer that I could potentially use and it worked!
lol Sanding it down got EVERYWHERE on my desk.  I probably shouldn't even be doing this in my room.  Gotta love what I was wearing.  XD
After cutting the pieces I went ahead and just assembled it to get an idea of how long, wide, or tall I need it.
After deciding everything, I actually ran out of materials so I had to go buy some more and in different varieties.  I bought some more that was wider than the strips I got the first time.  Time to glue it together!  I hot glued the pieces together but I had to hot glue around the pieces to safely secure it [too many fell off on me so I gave up neatness for support].
Afterwards I glued two strips together to make a square piece for the feet of the bed.  I'm going to make a canopy as well that's why the strips are so long.
I put Jin on the bed and prayed that he didn't fall through and the bed actually held up pretty well!  I am still a bit worried that Jin might be too heavy so I think I want to reinforce it a bit by putting an extra strip on the underside or an extra foot in the middle.  What do you think I should do?!  Give me your thoughts!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

[sponsored review] fynale classic - circle red.

Before I say anything...I finally did a video lens review!!!  Well it's not my first one, but I finally figured out where to set up my camera and etc.   Still not perfect lighting but its a start.  *.*  Anyways, I'm reviewing Fynale Classic's Circle Red this time and it is sponsored by none other than Fynale Cosmetic Lens.  Now ONWARDS to the review~

Brand: Fynale Classic
Series: Circle
B.C.: 8.6 mm
DIA: 14.5 mm
Water Content: 55%
Color: Red
$12.59 one pair
$11.34 two pairs
Facebook Shop Link

The vials, as you can see here.
The top where it tells you what they are and what degree.
Side of the vials.
Lenses held up in the light.
The lenses in the solution.
And the compilation of the lenses in different light settings.
A few seconds long video of the lenses.
[Please view in 1080p HD]

Three photos with me wearing the lenses.

What I think about the lenses?
Good for freaking people out! Joking.  xD  Well they look like I have bloodshot eyes from time to time.  lol  Anyways, good for cosplay for an evil character or someone with extremely vibrant red eyes.  Use it to your advantage and scare people~
Comfort: 4.5/5
They were a bit uncomfortable as I put them felt like they were inside out, but turns out they weren't.  Other than that, nothing wrong with them.  Wore them for about 4-5 hours with no signs of irritation or dryness.
Enlargement: 3/5
Lack of limbal ring causes them to look smaller than they actually are.  More around a 14.2 mm enlargement size.  Purely color so that might be why.
Color: 5/5
Perfect color.  Most vibrant [obviously] of all the red lenses I have reviewed.  The lenses itself are opaque, and only red.  No black or any other colors mixed in with it, just a pure red color.  Can be seen from afar.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

a new hiatus.

The beginning of school is slowly coming so I regretfully have to say, I'll probably be on hiatus from this blog.  I may still post from time to time, but I will rarely be at home.  ;<  This saddens me, but I hope I still have time to just post random rantings or maybe slip in a review here or there once in a while~

Friday, August 2, 2013

[sponsored review] fynale classic - florence red.

Time for the third pair of red lenses I received from the wonderful Fynale Cosmetic Lens!  Thank you for letting me try this series as well~  I recently had my car break down because the radiator was broken.  It overheated my car and I was so scared that the engine would be burnt.  So glad that nothing serious happen, but I was worrying over that so I didn't really tend to my blog here  :A;  Sorry, but I am back now with another review~

Brand: Fynale Classic
Series: Florence
B.C.: 8.6 mm
DIA: 14.5 mm
Water Content: 55%
Color: Red
$12.59 one pair
$11.34 two pairs
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Without further ado, here are the pictures of the vials.
The top of the vials.  So happy I don't need prescription lenses, makes everything so much easier.
The side view of them.
It looks kind of pinkish held up to the light, but it has such a pretty design~
And this is what it looks like in the solution.
Here is the compilation of the lenses in different light settings.
A few seconds long video of the lenses.
[Please view in 1080p HD]
Three photos with me wearing them.

What I think about the lenses?
I really like the subtle design they have.  I feel like the Florence series was aimed more towards naturalness than the other two I have tried on so far.  They blend in a bit better, though they still do have that thick black limbal ring around it.
Comfort: 4/5
Mmm they were pretty comfortable overall, but for some reason, I was blinking a lot today.  Good thing is I can wear it for about 6-7 hours without any signs of extreme dryness.
Enlargement: 4.5/5
They weren't as big looking as my last review.  They were enlarging, but not extreme.  I think it's partially due to the fact these lenses look a bit more natural than the other red lenses I've reviewed so far.
Color: 4.5/5
The color was still very vibrant for this series, but since it blended in a more with my eyes, which is a dark brown, the lenses came out more of a dark red.  It's still very pretty but under dark settings it might even could be mistook for dark brown, okay, maybe not that bad, but the point is they aren't a bright red.
Angel Wing Heart