Tuesday, August 27, 2013

bjd bed prop [wip].

For all you BJD owners out there, have you ever just gone, hmm I need some props for my doll.  You go into a BJD furniture hunt and you see that everything is just ridiculously priced?!  A chair for $25?!  A bed...$100+!!  AHHH!  ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ  Well I decided to look up DIY projects and what not and decided to start off small.  I found a tutorial for a sofa and started making it, but then I got a grand idea after visiting my local fabric/craft store.  I found Balsa wood and decided that Jin [my Yuz Luts] is in need of a bed.

I quickly sketched out an idea of how I wanted the bed to look and started gathering materials.  I gathered strips of balsa wood and decided to cut them into thirds.
Well so I had a hard time figuring out how to cut them.  I didn't have a craft knife so I ended up using one of the kitchen knives.  SHHHH, I told no one.  XD  It kinda worked but I had to snap them apart which left jagged edges, but I remembered I had an unnaturally rough nail filer that I could potentially use and it worked!
lol Sanding it down got EVERYWHERE on my desk.  I probably shouldn't even be doing this in my room.  Gotta love what I was wearing.  XD
After cutting the pieces I went ahead and just assembled it to get an idea of how long, wide, or tall I need it.
After deciding everything, I actually ran out of materials so I had to go buy some more and in different varieties.  I bought some more that was wider than the strips I got the first time.  Time to glue it together!  I hot glued the pieces together but I had to hot glue around the pieces to safely secure it [too many fell off on me so I gave up neatness for support].
Afterwards I glued two strips together to make a square piece for the feet of the bed.  I'm going to make a canopy as well that's why the strips are so long.
I put Jin on the bed and prayed that he didn't fall through and the bed actually held up pretty well!  I am still a bit worried that Jin might be too heavy so I think I want to reinforce it a bit by putting an extra strip on the underside or an extra foot in the middle.  What do you think I should do?!  Give me your thoughts!

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