Sunday, August 10, 2014

[review] iope - air cushion xp in c21.

The long awaited moment of I received my package from Amore Pacific in the mail!  I've been wanting to try this product out for the longest time, but it's one of the more pricier makeup items I've had to buy.  So finally saving up money, I invested in this product, the Iope Air Cushion XP~  I did research on it and it turns out there were many good reviews so I decided to put up my own review as well of how good/bad it is.  I also wanted to try out the Laniege BB Cushion, but after comparing the two, I went with the Iope product.  I bought it from Amore Pacific's Ebay store and they also gifted a good amount of skincare samples along with the purchase.  I got five small samples and a 20mL Laneige Water Sleeping Pack which I already have so I'll be giving it away.

I chose to get the Air Cushion XP in C21 (Cover Vanilla) since I was looking for more coverage for cosplay usage.  I thought about getting it in C23 (Cover Beige) but I owned a Missha BB Cream in #21 and it matched my skin tone better than the #23.  I couldn't decide because while my skin is not super pale, it's not dark enough to where it looks tan.  I still haven't figured out my skintone yet.  lol  Though different companies have different color ranges, that was the only thing I could base it off of, so I just took a guess.

When I saw the packaging I was like, ooooooh so elegant and pretty.
The ingredients in Korean, maybe?  I love how it has SPF 50 that's a plus from me.  Also says sweat proof effect and has mineral water.
The top of packaging.  It lists the shade number.  It's so shiny and reflective!  o.o
The reason it's so expensive is because the product comes with a refill so you can keep the compact forever.  Good, it's pretty, I wouldn't want to throw it away.  That piece of paper is the instruction manual.
I can't get over how pretty the compact is.  Everything just looks so elegant and everything is constructed very nicely.  Where everything is located is very convenient.
The product!  It's spongey, the makeup is in a liquid form that you have to gently push down on with the puff for the product to come out.  A little goes a long way.  The product looks a lot darker than what it seems.
This is my face freshly washed with no makeup and only moisturizer.
I applied the makeup on the right side of my face (your left) to show the difference.  Can you see the difference?
I took another photo in better lighting to see the difference.  My face, it's so smooth looking~  It gives my face a brightened look and whoa, where did my dark circles go!  I actually bought another product for my dark circles but I guess I don't need it now.  lol  I'll do a review on it later though.  As I previously stated, it turned out to fit my skin tone VERY nicely, not much difference between the right and left side of my face in terms of color which is what I want.  While the color difference is not huge, my skin looks healthier and more appealing and I just have to note that my dark circle is gone again.
My face doesn't feel dry and there's no signs of it cracking or looking too caked on.  I give this product an A+ and that everyone should go buy it now!  OuO  It does leave my skin slightly sticky feeling though but that's not a huge problem since I'm not going to be touching my face.  The product does provide a dewy effect to the skin which some might not prefer, but for me I like it.  I have semi dry skin so the dewy effect provides a glow to my face.  I usually put primer under my makeup so I wonder how the results would turn out if I did.


  1. great cushion, I'm planning to get one and stumble upon your blog when I'm looking for a review :)

    1. It's such an amazing product! I want to buy more when I run out ^^


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