Friday, June 23, 2017

[review] dream color 1 - mini nobluk grey.

I meant to do this review earlier, but I actually went ahead and did my reviews for the other contact lenses first instead. But today, I bring you the long awaited review I kept telling people I would eventually post! So a little history about this pair of lenses. When I first found it, I was really distraught that no major lens site carried it since it was a Thai brand. Also there are several other dupes of the Nobluk series out there, so I did a lot of research to find the authentic ones. When I first randomly came across these, I fell in love with them, so I HAD to find them. I eventually did...I had to contact a small shop through Instagram. Long story short, they were able to sell me some, so I ordered two pairs of lenses~ Thailand Thai Post does take a bit longer than the usual shipping time so it literally took over one month for the lenses to arrive at my house.

I really like how the Nobluk series makes it to where you can choose between two diameter sizes. I wish more brands did this. ;< They have the Mini Nobluk series which is 14.00 mm and Nobluk series which is 14.50 mm. Both are my ideal contact lenses size so I bought one of each. The two series have the exact same design; it pretty much just comes down to what you prefer.

Brand: Dream Color 1
Series: Mini Nobluk
B.C.: 8.6 mm
DIA: 14.00 mm
Water Content: 42%
Color: Grey
Shop Link

I really like how they packaged the lenses. Each one came in a box secured so the bottles don't crack or anything due to mishandling from shipping.
Looks like little tiny colored speckles
I'm sad that one of my fake eyelashes decided to start falling off and so when I reapplied it kinda got all wonky and now they both don't match.... >o>
Close up detail shot
Excuse me but I felt the need to draw on my face for no other reason but fun.

What I think about the lenses?
The main reason I picked up these lenses is how natural they look. I have been looking for natural, grey lenses that just blends into my eyes without too many extra tones.
Comfort: --/5
So my Nobluk lenses that I will review later feel 100% better than these. The lenses also do not stay on the center of my eye and keep sliding to where you can see my natural eye color. The lenses actually was stuck to the bottom of the vials during shipping and when I opened them it was really hard to get it unstuck, so I can't really judge on the comfort of these completely.  I think I might have gotten a pair of slightly defective ones, but they are still wearable, just annoying from time to time.
Enlargement: 3/5
I wasn't buying these for the size, but they still do make my eyes look bigger, especially if you pair it with the right type of makeup.
Color: 6/5
HELLO NATURAL GREY LENSES, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. It blends into my eyes so nicely and just turns my eyes into a nice grey color. Now if only you could sit properly on my eye, but hey the halo effect is really cool too.

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