Sunday, May 26, 2013

[sponsored review] dolly eye - puffy 3 tone green.

Today I decided to review the green lenses I chose from iszocirclelens.  I own the Puffy 3 Tone blue, but I've always wondered what the green ones looked like.  I love my blue lenses as they are a deep ocean blue and is vibrant.  I wondered if the green would be as pretty as it looks in the stock images.  My friend owned a pair, but I remember that it didn't look as appealing and the color was dull, but I was proved wrong.  And I'd like to thank iszocirclelens for sponsoring these lenses.

Brand: Dolly Eye
Series: Puffy 3 Tone
B.C.: 8.6 mm
DIA: 14.5 mm

Water Content: 38%
Color: Green


First off, picture of the vial that the lenses come in!
The side view of the lenses
An upshot of it held to the light
What they look like in the solution.  The green looks pretty light colored to me.  I wonder how it will turn out.
Compilation of my eyes shot in different settings.
A few seconds long video of the lenses in real time.
[Please view in 1080p HD]
Don't think I've posted a picture of the lenses from the side before, so I'll try that.
The pictures were all taken from different light settings since I was traveling around today.

What I think about the lenses?
They were really vibrant despite my expectations of them.  They weren't dull at all and looked natural.  I've always loved the Puffy 3 Tone series because of how they were able to look so realistic but vibrant at the same time.  I am able to wear them anywhere without worrying about it not being too noticeable or not noticeable at all.  It has a nice balance between the two.  The lenses looked brighter when not worn so I thought it might be a paler green on my eyes, but it turned out a nice deep green which was very pretty.
Comfort: 4/5
Puffy 3 Tones have always been really comfortable for me.  I would give it a 5/5 if it weren't for today's incident.  I think there might be A. a tear in my left lenses or B. a small particle caught between my eye and the lens.  While one eye felt completely fine with no discomfort, the other eye was constantly in pain.  It felt like there was something in my eye, but every time I checked there was nothing.  Since I've owned this series before, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt for its comfortableness.
Enlargement: 3/5
If you're looking for a natural slight enlargement, this is the one for you.  These don't make your eyes dolly, well they do, but not as much.  They depict more of a 14.2 mm lens than a 14.5 mm lens.
Color: 4.5/5
The color was an emerald green.  It was such a beautiful color.  It showed up really nicely as well, but from about 3 feet away, the color doesn't show up as much anymore.


  1. Love these lenses. I also love the eyelashes. Can you tell me what brand/style your lashes are?

    1. They are Diamond Lash - Dolly Eye.


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