Sunday, May 5, 2013

[sponsored review] i.fairy - jewel brown.

ARGHH I'm so annoyed.  I meant to post this yesterday but of course my parents cut my internet off.  Seriously, when will they grow up and stop doing that.  It's really annoying.

Anywho, enough of that.  I'm going to review my one of the four lenses I received from iszocirclelens that they were nice enough to send to me to review.  Thank you so much!  As I am new to sponsored lens reviews, I'm really happy they were willing to let me try.  They decided to let me pick out four lenses I wanted to try and the i.Fairy - Jewel Brown caught my interests.  As I said in my earlier post, I don't own many natural looking lenses so I decided to try for this one.

I liked how the color was a light brown color/a bronze tone to it.  Amazingly, you could actually tell that my eyes were a different color.  The lenses were more opaque than I expected.  This would be great for cosplay if the character called for having brown eyes.

Brand: i.Fairy
Series: Jewel Brown
B.C.: 8.6 mm
DIA: 16.2 mm
Water Content: 55%
Color: Brown


The vial looks like this:
A side view of the lenses.
I tried taking a picture of the lenses from below this time~
While they were in the solution.  Sorry I like taking a picture of just one of the lenses so I can get in closer to show more detail.
Comparisons from different settings:
And also a quick video of the lenses in action.  I tried showing both eyes this time to see how it would turn out.
[Please view 1080p HD]
Pictures of it with makeup and a wig.

What I think about the lenses?
When I first put these lenses in my eyes, it started stinging really badly.  I'm not sure whether it was because I had dry eyes or not, but after about 10 seconds it felt better.  I expected the brown to not show up and just naturally blend into my eyes but I was surprised when the color actually showed up.  Don't get me wrong, it was a nice surprise.  The designs on it were nice as well, the outer rim reminded me of my Neo Cosmo - Glamour Grey that I used to own.  Instead of a thick bold ring, its separated with little tiny slits of spaces in between for a more natural appearance.
Comfort: 4/5
Reason I give it this score is due to the stinging I experienced when I put it in.  Also, due to the fact that my eyes started getting sore after about 6 hours.  Usually I can wear them for about 10 hours with no side effects.  55% water content, my 42% Extra Dali Size Brown, as reviewed here, felt like it had more water content than these lenses.
Enlargement: 3/5
Though it says it's 16.2 mm, it didn't really give that effect.  I think it was more of 14.5 mm effect; it was probably because of the non-solid ring which doesn't give a "pop" of "enlargement"???  [for lack of better words]
Color: 4/5
You can still tell the color was a bronze-brown color and they're semi-opaque.  They blend in with my eyes, but not a lot.  There's also a halo effect which is really pretty in my opinion.  I have pretty bad lighting in my room so I judge the color based on whether I can see the color of the lenses when I look in the mirror.  I could still tell that my eyes were not my natural color which is pretty good.


  1. New follower here!

    I love these lenses. Perfect color and looks a little natural. I defintie have to pick some of these up.


    1. Thanks so much for the follow! Much appreciated~
      I agree, they're really natural, yet not to the point where you can't see them.
      Great for a pop of color but not too outrageous!

  2. new follower! :D i love the lenses! they look so pretty on you and because theyre brown LOL :)

  3. Ahahaha thank you >3<
    Do you like brown lenses? XD


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