Monday, July 1, 2013

back to aion.

So I've been recently playing TERA and what not, but ever since Aion 4.0 released, I got back into it.  I played Aion up to level 51 but then stopped due to school.  I've been waiting for 4.0 to release for a long time and it finally released on June 26!!  >3<  Ahhh so I'm not addicted to playing again.  They also released new hairstyles and two new classes; the bard and gunner.  Bad thing was they changed the interface and what not so I had to get used to it again.  They also changed the character customization so I ended up remaking my character about 5 times, but all in all, so worth it.
I decided to go Elyos again as a bard, but since there is a overpopulation of  Elyos over Asmodians, there were incentives to join as Asmodians, so I ended up going gunner as an Asmodian.  XD
This is my Elyos~  She's a songweaver now.
And my Asmodian gunslinger~
LOL She was in a hanbok.
I also created a Asmodian male.  He's so pretty!  *.*

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