Saturday, April 12, 2014

[sponsored review] i.fairy - motype violet.

I received so many things in the mail recently.  Lenses, wigs, clothes, and more wigs and makeup along the way as well.  More news with one being, I finally dyed my hair blonde.  o.o  I'm amazed my parents didn't get mad at me since I just went and dyed it without telling them.  So yea, my hair now looks like this.  I honestly think I look better with blonde hair than I do with black or brown...>.>  I've wanted blonde hair for such a long time and I finally got it.  -is a happy person-
On to the point; I love purple eyes~  *>*  I think they just look so mysterious and striking at the same time.  Well I became friends with the owner of BeCosplay and she offered me to try the i.Fairy - Motype Violet along with the Kitty Kawaii - Bella Grey reviewed on a previous post.  Theses lenses actually look the exact same as the Puffy 3 Tone Violet as well which is a plus since I love the Puffy 3 Tone series.

Brand: i.Fairy
Series: Motype
B.C.: 8.6 mm
DIA: 15.00 mm
Water Content: 55%
Color: Violet

Front and back of the lens vials.  There was a tiny scratch on the wrapper on the outside.
Of course, tells you the color and rX; yea I love being to just wear plano.  ;3
Sideview of the lenses.
Lenses held up to the light.
Wow, this pic looks a bit dark...anyways, the lens in the solution.
I totally had to rush to work again this time so yea only flash and without flash comparison.
And this is a closer view of the design.
Live view of the lenses.
[Please view in 1080p HD]
Then the three photos.

What I think about the lenses?
They are absolutely beautiful and breath taking.  They would go really well for my Elin cosplay later on.  ^3^  The blue glitter/purple mascara with the lenses turned out better looking than I expected.  The lenses were amazing, as expected of the Puffy 3 Tone series.
Comfort: 5/5
I was able to put it in and take it out with ease.  No problems there.  My eyes started getting dry after 3-4 hours, but that's normal.
Enlargement: 4/5
The lenses itself were 15mm, but the diameter of the colored part was probably around 14.5mm which is perfect for me since 14.5 mm is my to go size.
Color: 4.5/5
The color is stunning, but it's not as vibrant as the Puffy 3 Tone blue.  They both look really vibrant in good lighting, but the violet one looks like a faded grey/violet color in dark settings, while the blue one looked like a deep ocean blue.  Otherwise than that, it's still fairly vibrant, and it also looks natural.  >3<  That light brown ring on the inside helps it blend better.  The limbal ring is not black, but a darker purple which makes it more subtle~


  1. Yay for blond hair! :3 I think it looks good and suits you.
    Love how the lenses are violet and kinda blue-ish. ♥ Also love your eye make up here. x3

    1. Thanks! I actually really think I look better in blonde than black and brown. @>@
      It might be the makeup making it look blue-ish~ But they go well together~

  2. so charming eyes *-* i love ur make up !!!
    and thank you for review~

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